Want to buy Red Nuclei for Dark Crystals to summon in the Banner of Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy, but you’re running out of that currency? In this guide, here are the different ways to get Dark Crystals.

Do you want to buy as many red nuclei as possible to attempt summons on the Nemesis banner, but you don’t know how to get dark crystals quickly on Tower of Fantasy?

In this guide, we list all the different ways to obtain dark crystals. However, some methods are time-limited — they’ve been flagged for you to be aware of.

Complete your weekly activities

In addition to receiving merit points, type II or advanced chips, and many other useful rewards for the progression of your character, you will be able to accumulate nearly 350 dark crystals by completing your weekly missions.

The more adventures you take on, the more activity points you can earn. We often forget this kind of mission, because they can be done naturally, simply by playing. However, it may be wise to consult the remaining missions that we could have forgotten to finalize as quickly as possible the bar of the 900 points required to reap all the rewards.

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Play Ultimate League PvP

By playing the Ultimate League and moving up the ladder, you’ll be able to rack up a pretty decent amount of Dark Crystals by the end of the season. Therefore, remember to play a few games, because the higher your rank, the more attractive the rewards to be collected will be.

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Advance through the Explorer’s Journal

The Explorer’s Journal is a godsend for rewards of all kinds: compositions for improving weapons or your character, currency (nucleus), fragments of relics, and Chips for password chests. .. Clearly, the Explorer’s Journal is interesting for resources, but it is even more so when you finish it because it acquires the currency we are looking for; indeed in chapters 3, 4, 6, 8 (and maybe in others, the level cap does not allow us to see further), you will be able to collect hundreds of dark crystals. Therefore, take a look at all the missing missions to collect crystals.


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Do the side missions of each region

By completing the secondary missions of each of the regions that make up Aesperia, you can receive Dark Crystals as rewards. If you don’t know what missions you have left to do, by going to Terminal and then to History, you will be able to view all of the side missions that need to be completed to receive all of the storyline rewards.

Each region can bring up to 200 dark crystals, so it would be a shame to miss out on them.

Do the side missions of each region

Accomplish achievements

Harvest lettuce, and potatoes, and kill this or that elite opponent… There are many small successes to be achieved in Tower of Fantasy. So remember to complete them, because each success will bring you between 5 and 20 dark crystals. By unit, it’s a really ridiculous amount, but if you put a little effort into it, you can harvest a good bunch of dark crystals.

Especially since as you progress in the achievements, you will be able to unlock notable rewards to overcome such as gold nuclei, proofs of purchase, or even powerful mushrooms.

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Explore and progress in your exploration

Exploration will also be your faithful ally to amass dark crystals. Supply modules and panoramas will be able to provide you with small quantities. The exploration of the regions, so your progress in the discovery of a region (supply modules, black nucleus, panoramas, space faults, ruins, omnium towers), will allow you to recover some dark crystals, but also powerful mushrooms, a new skin as well as cores. In addition to being essential for obtaining several summons, it will also be essential for reaping new rewards.

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team reward

By performing activities related to the team you can earn honor points. These famous points will also help increase the value of the honor rewards that you can collect weekly. The more team missions you do, the more your team will be able to level up and therefore collect many more dark crystals.

team reward

Alternative / time-limited means

Below, you can find all the rewards that are said to be time-limited or that require spending money. They are not the best way to obtain Dark Crystals, but we still want to incorporate them into this guide in case players would be interested in this information.

battle pass

If you choose to take the battle pass whether it is advanced or not, you can sometimes collect some dark crystals.

Registration Reward

By logging into Tower of Fantasy every day, you can get 20 Dark Crystals every 5 days.

level pack

As you level up (from 5 to 5) you can get between 50 to 200 dark crystals depending on your level. This offer ends once you reach the maximum level, which is level 80.

Follow social networks

By following Tower of Fantasy on Facebook or on Discord, you will be able to collect 100 Dark Crystals.

Tanium Purchase Reward

If you make the choice to inject real money into Tower of Fantasy, depending on the price you put into it, you will be able to obtain Dark Crystals. However, this is not a recommended way to obtain Dark Crystals.

In order to close this guide, we still want to point out that there may be other ways to obtain Dark Crystals. We will add them as soon as we discover them.


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