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How to Customize Volume Panel on Samsung Galaxy Phones

styles are availableSamsung’s Galaxy phones come with a wide variety of customization options that allow users to customize everything from the home screen to the lock screen to the apps they use. This includes the ability to customize themes, wallpapers, icons, and even widgets.

Samsung has a wide selection of themes to choose from, each with its own set of customization options. This includes changing the background color, the font, and even the type of graphics used. Additionally, Samsung allows users to customize the volume panels to show only certain notifications or to display different controls depending on the app.

Samsung allows users to customize their volume panels by going to Settings, Sounds, and Vibration, and then selecting Advanced. From there, they can adjust the settings for each app, allowing them to specify what notifications or controls will be displayed on the volume panels.

How to Customize Volume Panel on Galaxy Phones

First, open the settings menu and go to Appearance. Scroll down until you find the Volume Panel, and then select the Customize option. From there, you can select a new background image or color scheme to give the Volume Panel a new look.

Install Good Lock on Galaxy Phones

Install Good Lock on Galaxy Phones

Open Galaxy Store on your phone.

Good Lock Labs is the official developer of Good Lock, so any app with the same puzzle-like icon should be an official app. Open the app, and you’ll be able to access all the features of Good Lock.

Good Lock Labs is the official developer of the app, so it’s important to make sure you’re downloading it from a reliable source. Additionally, the link provided will take you to the Good Lock page directly, which will make it easier to find the app.


The Good Lock page in the Galaxy store contains a list of all the available apps, so you can browse through them and select the one you want. When you tap on the Install button, it will start the download process and you will get the app on your phone.

Good Lock app is not available in some regions due to legal or copyright issues. Nice Lock, on the other hand, is available in many countries and supports the same Good Lock modules, so it offers the same features and functions.

Set Up Sound Assistant on Galaxy Phones

The Volume Panel module allows you to customize the sound controls on your phone. You can customize the volume buttons, change the ringtone, and create custom sound profiles. It’s an easy way to customize your phone and make it fit your needs.

Set Up Sound Assistant on Galaxy Phones

  • Install the Good Lock app on your phone.
  • Click on Life Up.
  • Look for Sound Assistant at the bottom of the page. Next to Sound Assistant, tap the download icon.
  • The Galaxy Store will open. Go back to the Good Lock app and install the Sound Assistant Module.

Customize Volume Panel

Now, it’s time for some customization.

Customize Volume Panel
  • From Good Lock > Life Up, you can access Sound Assistant.
  • Select the Customize volume panel as the first option.
  • Tap Custom once the option is enabled.
  • Among other things, you can check the location to the left or right, show or hide the volume level, and more.
  • You can customize the entire panel by swiping left. You can access individual app volumes and toolbars here.

Based on your preferences, you can choose from the available tools.

Customize Volume Panel Style

Customize Volume Panel Style

  • Sound Assistant can be found under Good Lock > Life Up.
  • To customize the color of the volume panel in Sound Assistant, select the second option.
  • The toggle must be turned on for it to be enabled.
  • You can now select the style of the Volume Panel.

The following styles are available:


There are many animated color combinations you can choose from when using the lightning effect. Gradient colors can be combined in a variety of ways.

Choosing a texture for Volume bars is possible. It is possible to choose between Mesh and Acrylic textures.

You can also choose a Knob style for Volume controls if you don’t like the bar-like panel. You can change the volume by rotating the knob and getting the feel of a real knob.

Volume panels are also available in different shapes in Sound Assistant. It’s up to you what you like. You can choose a thin Volume panel if you want to keep it small and clean.

After choosing your own elements, you can test them by pressing either Volume Up or Volume Down.

Change the background theme of the Volume Panel

The expanded Volume panel can also be customized by changing the background color. For this, you will need another Good lock module called Theme Park. As we will see in this guide, the module can be used for many tasks except to change the background theme of the Volume Panel.

  1. Go to Make your volume panel colors in Sound Assistant in Good Lock.
  2. Switch to the Theme tab here. You can now choose any theme you like.
  3. Unless you have it installed, it will take you to the Theme Park page in the Galaxy Store. You need to install the module.
  4. Go back to the Theme tab.
  5. You can browse and choose a theme of your choice. Permission should be granted if it asks. A theme will be applied.

The new theme is now available for you to check out. Volume Panel backgrounds can also be customized with Theme Park.

Here is a complete guide to customizing the volume panel on Samsung phones. We can customize every element of the volume panel with Good Lock thanks to its intuitive interface. My favorite way to control volumes is with a Sound Knob. Leave a comment with your favorite volume panel setup. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments.


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