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Correct Answers For Disney 100 November 7 Quiz

All of us who play the popular Disney card game on TikTok know how important it is to get Minnie Mouse ears since they look perfect in the profile photo.

Although there are fewer and fewer days left to be able to obtain all the cards in the weekly decks, daily quizzes usually help to obtain them, although sometimes they disappoint with the number of blank cards that come out.

As we usually do here daily, today we will show you the 5 correct answers to the questions of the November 7 Disney 100 years questionnaire on TikTok. Are you planning to miss them?

These are the correct answers to the Disney 100 November 7 quiz.

November 7 quiz

Viewing the questionnaire, we notice that most questions, if not almost all, are related to animated films. In other words, if you have seen several Disney animated films, you will surely be able to answer them on your own.


Question 1

What is the name of Pocahontas’s best friend?

  • Correct answer: Nakoma (3rd option).

Question 2

In Disney’s Peter Pan, what is the way to get to Neverland?

  • Correct answer: Follow the second star to the right and straight until dawn (4th option).

Question 3

What is Donald Duck’s middle name?

  • Correct Answer: Fauntleroy (2nd option).

Question 4

In Toy Story 4, what country is Duke Caboom from?

  • Correct answer: Canada (3rd option).

Question 5

In Monsters SA, where did Mike meet Boo?

  • Correct answer: Harryhausen House (2nd option).

As we always recommend in this article, you must eliminate repeated cards. Remember that you can exchange cards you already have with others; it is the best method to complete all the weekly decks!

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