Convert Pdf to Excel online for free is a completely free online service to convert PDF to Excelanonymously and securely. Allows users to upload PDF files of any size and convert it into MS Excel spreadsheets, editable and formatted.

Unlike other services, there is no need to leave an email address or other personal information to convert your PDF to Excel. Also, all uploaded files are deleted from the servers without a trace after a maximum of 6 hours. This means that the PDFtoExcel online service guarantees good security and protection of our data.

convert pdf to excel

convert pdf to excel

Conversion is also not limited to a single file, but you can also convert any number of PDF files to Excel for free. Each PDF will be converted in full, regardless of its size.

This free online tool is very simple to use. In the next lines, we will see in detail how to use it to transform your PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets.

How to Convert Pdf to Excel

First of all, we open the site with the interface in Italian, simply by clicking on the link just indicated (the site is available in 16 different languages, to change the language of the user interface, just click on the globe icon in the upper right corner of the website and choose your preferred language).

Now we just have to upload the PDF file for conversion. PDFtoExcel allows us to upload the PDF for conversion in three different ways:

  • By clicking the “Charge” And select the PDF from the hard drive;
  • Or by dragging and dropping the PDF into the conversion box;
  • Or by importing the file directly from Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

from pdf to excel

from pdf to excel

If you choose to import your PDF from your cloud archive, you will first need to access the selected cloud storage service, then select the PDF for conversion to MS Excel from there.

If you still prefer to complete the conversion completely anonymously, download the PDF to your computer and choose to upload or drag it and drop it in the conversion box. Once the file has been uploaded, the conversion will begin automatically.

We just have that now download the converted file. The conversion speed depends on file size and server overhead. Wait for the conversion to complete. As soon as the file is converted, you will see the “Download for free”(As in the image below) which will allow you to download the converted file to your computer.

You can open the converted .xlsx file either in Excel or in MS Office compatible spreadsheet applications, such as LibreCalc or OpenCalc.

free download convert another file

free download convert another file

In case you want to convert another PDF to Excel, simply click on “Convert another file” And repeat the same steps.

This way you can transform an unlimited number of PDFs into Excel. You don’t even have to worry if your PDF is native or scan-generated: the tool is smart enough to distinguish between the two types. If you upload a scanned PDF with images, the service will OCR it, and export the content to an editable Excel spreadsheet for you.

This is one of the easiest and hassle-free ways to export your PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets, thanks to this pdf excel converter simple and quick to use that does not require any installation besides being free.

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