How to continue using the Google Stadia controller

continue using the Google Stadia controller

Google has announced the closure of the Stadia project. The platform dedicated to video game streaming has not convinced the players who, despite the excellent infrastructure, especially about other streaming services, have almost completely snubbed Google’s service. However, the closure of Stadia opens up a series of questions. One of these is represented by what to do with the Google Stadia controller, a device very popular with users and which, with the closure of the service, will lose its main option of use.

The Google Stadia controller, unlike the streaming service, will not end his career. Even in the near future, it will be possible to use the controller in an alternative way, to continue playing. Google’s streaming platform isn’t the only way to use the controller. For users who have purchased the device, therefore, there is the possibility of still using the device and not turning it into a paperweight. So here‘s how to use the Google Stadia controller after the streaming platform is closed.

When does Google Stadia close?

Before going into the details of the matter, it is appropriate to make a summary of the “history” of Stadia. The platform dedicated to video game streaming, launched in November 2019, will record the closure of its servers on January 18, 2023. After that date, users will no longer be able to access the games. All Stadia services will be shut down and the entire platform will be decommissioned. Google has already started the procedures to reimburse users and in some cases, it will also be possible to transfer game saves to other platforms.

The first signs of the closure of Google Stadia date back to the beginning of 2021. In February 2021, Google initiated the closure of Stadia Games and Entertainment, the division that coordinated the internal development studios and which was led by Jade Raymond. After some (weak) denials regarding the closure of the service, Google, in September 2022, formalized the imminent disposal of the platform which, as mentioned, will close its doors in January 2023.

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How to use the Google Stadia controller after service shutdown?

For owners of a Stadia Controller, there are various options to be able to continue using the controller even after the service has closed. The excellent controller made by Google will be able to accompany users during long gaming sessions even shortly, albeit with some limitations. Barring firmware updates from third-party companies that are, for some reason, interested in supporting the controller, the options for using the Stadia controller are limited.

How to use the controller on smartphones and tablets

To continue using the Google Stadia controller after the platform has closed, you can always rely on Google and its operating system. The controller can be connected to your smartphone or Android tablet to play one of the many games on the Play Store or with a streaming service such as Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Android supports and recognizes the Google Stadia controller without problems, which must be connected to the device via a USB-C cable . Connecting via Bluetooth for gaming is not possible (the Stadia controller only supports Bluetooth in a limited way and for the initial setup process).

How to use the controller on a PC

There is another way to “recycle” the Google Stadia controller that can be used for PC gaming without too much difficulty, albeit with some limitations to pay attention to. The device is supported by Steam and is recognized as any standard USB HID controller. It will therefore be enough to connect the controller to the PC, always via cable, to use it for gaming.

Configuration is quick and can be done through the Steam controller settings (going to Settings > Controllers as with other peripherals). The Stadia controller may not be supported by all Steam games (titles that use a mouse and keyboard will not allow the use of the controller) but the catalog of compatible games is huge.

For use with Epic Games, however, there may be problems in terms of device recognition. to note, however, that the Stadia controller is also recognized by ChromeOS and, therefore, can be used with any Chromebook model at your disposal.

In this case, also considering the closure of Stadia, which represented the real gaming component of ChromeOS, the titles available will be limited. The controller, however, will still work via a quick wired connection to your device. In the future, with the arrival of Steam on ChromeOS, there will be many more opportunities to play with the Stadia controller which, therefore, can continue to be a gaming accessory even after the closure of the streaming platform.

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