connect M5 smartwatch to mobile phone

To connect your smartwatch M5 (FitPro) with your mobile phone, just go to this page and follow the instructions in the tutorial. In a few minutes your smartwatch M5 will be paired and ready to send all data to the app installed on your mobile.

The M5 is a reasonably good and inexpensive smartwatch. It has monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, step counter, and sedentary alert. It has several sport modes, receives notifications from social networks (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others) and phone call alerts.

However, to be able to track the number of steps taken during a given period, the distance you traveled, and how many calories were lost through the app, it is necessary to make the connection between the M5 and your smartphone. Check out the steps below!

Steps to connect the M5 smartwatch:

1. Turn on the Smartwatch M5 and check if the battery has enough charge. Otherwise, let it charge for 20 or 30 minutes.

Steps to connect the M5 smartwatch

2. Then download the FitPro app to your phone. It will synchronize the data between the two devices. To download it, you will have three options:

3. Once you have installed it on the phone, open the app, accept the usage agreement, permit it to use the device’s location, and have access to the SD card. Then enable the phone’s Bluetooth, return to FitPro and tap the “ Set ” tab located below.

4. On this tab, tap “ Link devices to try more features ” to start pairing.

Link devices to try more features

5. Wait for the app to find the M5 smartwatch. At this time, try to keep the devices close to each other. In a few seconds, the scan will be finished.

app to find the M5 smartwatch

6. When scanning is finished, look for “ M5 ” in the list with the results, tap on the name and wait for the execution and completion of the four processes on the next screen.

7. When the app’s home screen appears again, it means the smartwatch M5 is already synced and connected with your phone.

Tip: To get more accurate reports of your sports practices, leave your smartphone’s GPS enabled on these occasions.