Haylou RS4 (LS12) and RS4 Plus

Check out in this tutorial, how to connect Haylou RS4 LS12 and RS4 Plus smartwatch with your mobile. All steps to easily perform Haylou RS4 pairing via Android or iOS phone Bluetooth.

After pairing, just enable the permissions and select which apps will send notifications directly to the watch. Check out all the steps below.


How to connect Haylou RS4 (LS12) and RS4 Plus with a cellphone?

Step 1: Download the “Haylou Fun” app on your mobile. Access the link for Android or iOS devices (Ex. iPhone).

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth and Mobile Location. Then open the app, read the Privacy Policy, and click “Accept” to move on.

Then open the app, read the Privacy Policy

Step 3: Login to your account or create one by clicking “Register”. After logging into the account, enter your gender, birthday, height and weight. To finish, click on “Complete”.


Step 4: Enable app permissions. Then go to “Home” tab, tap “Add device” and wait for clock search (scan). Check if the clock is already on.

Enable app permissions

Step 5: When Haylou RS4 is found, tap on the image or the name of the watch. Wait for the devices to pair.

Wait for the devices to paira

Step 6: When the procedure is complete, confirm the pairing on the watch screen.

confirm the pairing on the watch screen

Ready! Now Haylou RS4 has been successfully connected to your mobile.