How To Connect Gree Air Conditioner To Google Home

Gree air Conditioners

Want to connect Gree air conditioner to Google Home and control it with Google Assistant? If you do not know how to do this, then go to the, have prepared detailed instructions!

So a bright future and a smart home have come, and voice control of home appliances has become a reality. If you have a modern Gree air conditioner installed in your apartment or house, then it can be connected to Google Home and controlled using Google Assistant.

So how do you connect Gree air conditioner to Google Home?

  1. In the beginning, you need to do a lot of prep work to get Gree air conditioner to work with Google Home, namely:
  2. Also, install the latest version of Google Home on Android or iPhone
  3. In Google Home add ” previously configured device “
  4. Find the Gree Smart Home service, enter your username and password to add the service to Google Home

Now you can control Gree air conditioner from Google Home or with the Google Assistant voice assistant!

Attention!!! At the time of this writing, Gree air conditioners are very poorly connected to Google Home, sometimes you need to make 20-30 attempts, perhaps in the future, the developers will fix the flaws.

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