Have you bought a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones and want to use them on your PC to listen to music or enjoy a good movie without disturbing others? In this guide, I will show you what you need to connect Bluetooth headsets to the PC and the procedure to be performed so that the association is successful. In this guide, I will show you how to carry out all the steps to activate Bluetooth PC with Windows 10, but the procedure is also similar on the previous version of Windows.

Connect Bluetooth headphones to the PC

The pairing methods depend on whether your computer is equipped with the Bluetooth function. Please note that an old notebook or desktop may not have a Bluetooth card, in this case, an adapter is required. Read on for more information and find out about the various procedures.


Purchase a Bluetooth adapter

If your PC is not equipped with a Bluetooth connection, you can integrate it using an adapter of the same name to be connected to one of the free USB ports on the PC. They sell for just a few euros on Amazon and on the other stores, if you often use Bluetooth, it is an expense that you can consider to connect Pc headphones without large outlays.

If instead, you have a notebook or PC already has Bluetooth, all you need to do is read the next section with all the steps to connect a Bluetooth headset to your PC.

Connect Bluetooth headphones to the Windows 10 PC

Once the Bluetooth adapter is correctly connected and installed to your PC (or if it was already integrated, make sure you turned it on) turn on the Bluetooth headset in non-associated mode (if they were already paired with another device). To enter unassociated mode it is usually sufficient to hold down the headset power button for a few seconds, but if in doubt I suggest you check the manual to find the right method to unpair the headphones.

To connect the Bluetooth headset to the PC, open the Windows Start menu and type Bluetooth, going to select Settings for Bluetooth and other devices.

In the window you will see open, select the item Add Bluetooth or another device.

A new window will open, in which you will have to select the Bluetooth item, where some devices that you can connect are indicated.

The system will automatically search for headphones not yet associated, automatically pairing and setting them as the new default audio playback method (you should immediately hear the sound in the headphones).

If the headphones are associated but you cannot hear the sounds, simply select the name of the headphones as the playback system by clicking once with the left mouse button on the volume icon and using the drop-down menu above the volume bar.

Select the Bluetooth headset, the audio will go smoothly. If you want to listen to music or a good movie with better sound, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your computer.

Note: some headphones may require additional drivers to work properly. At the first connection via Bluetooth, make sure that Windows is connected to the Internet so that it can recover the necessary drivers by itself.