How to connect a PS5 controller on Android?

How to connect a PS5 controller on Android?

Are you one of the lucky few who could get a PS5? If your answer is “yes”, you cannot miss this article. Here we are going to explain in a few steps everything you have to do to be able to connect the controller of your PS5 on Android.

Connect the PS5 controller to your Android mobile and play like a pro

If you wonder why you want to connect a Dualsense on Android, the answers we could give you here would be several. The truth is that if you want to play the PS5 from your Android phone or tablet, you are almost forced to connect the controller because there is nothing more annoying than using the touch controls that are displayed on the screen when pairing the console with the mobile device.

Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device!

Before you pair the controller of your PS5 with your Android phone or tablet, it is essential that you activate the Bluetooth of your mobile device. If you don’t know how to do it, follow all the steps shown below:

Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device!
  • The first thing you have to do is display the notification panel of your Android mobile device.
  • Once displayed in its entirety, you will have to click on the option that says “Bluetooth”.
  • When this option is shown in color, you will have activated Bluetooth on your phone or tablet correctly.

With Bluetooth already activated, you will have to take control of your PS5 and prepare it to pair it with your Android mobile device.

That’s how easy it is to connect a PS5 controller to Android

Before we show you the steps you must carry out to be able to use the Dualsense on your Android mobile or tablet, it is important to clarify that the PS5 console must be turned off and disconnected from the electrical network. If you don’t do this, the controller will turn on the console and you won’t be able to connect it to your mobile device.

  • Enter your mobile’s Settings (an option that can also be shown as Settings).
  • Click on the option that says “Connected devices.”
  • Therefore, you must click on the first option that appears on the screen, the one that says “Synchronize new device”.
  • Take control of your PS5 and hold down the “Share” and “PS” buttons until the light flashes.
  • In a matter of seconds, your mobile will tell you that there is a new device available to pair. The command will appear with the following name “Wireless Controller”, when the control is shown on your phone, you must click on it.
  • Both the remote and the mobile will begin a process called “Synchronization”.
  • If everything goes well, you must click on the option that says “Synchronize”.
  • In just under 5 seconds, you can use your remote on Android.

How to disconnect the PS5 controller on Android?

Unlike what happens on PS5, on Android, it is not possible to turn off the controller using the “PS” buttonOnce you finish playing with the Dualsense controller, you must deactivate the Bluetooth of your phone or tablet so that the controller turns off automatically.

By carrying out this procedure, the controller will no longer be connected to the terminal. Of course, when you want to reconnect the controller to your PS5 console, you must use the USB cable to pair the Dualsense with your console, since, when paired with the mobile, the controller is automatically disconnected from the PlayStation 5.

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