How To Connect a Nintendo Switch Controller To Mac

Nintendo Switch Controller To Mac

The Nintendo Switch joystick is of excellent quality, both as regards the materials used and the arrangement of the buttons. In this guide, we will find out how to use the Nintendo Switch joystick on the Mac.

One of the main problems encountered by some gamers who are in possession of an Apple computer is the difficulty in playing using the mouse and keyboard, especially those who prefer consoles.

In reality, there is no need to buy other products: it is possible, with extreme simplicity, to use the controller included in the Nintendo Switch package.

On December 31, 2019, Nintendo announced that around 52.48 million units were sold worldwide, thus confirming the success of the Switch

A perfect product for the very young, thanks to the colorful and instructive video games, and for the older ones, also accomplices more complex and well-kept titles and for the fame of titles such as Mario and Zelda.

What is Nintendo Joy-Con?

Joy-Con is the controller, or controllers gave the shape, that users find inside the package together with the latest Nintendo console. This versatile joystick is small in size and coupled with a second Joy-Con manages to surprise users with functionality and precision.

Each Joy-Con is equipped with different sensors, including the accelerometer and the gyroscope movement sensor, which further enhances the experience.

The Nintendo Switch controller is also available for purchase on Amazon: two Joy-Con are contained in each package.

What is the Nintendo Pro Controller?

For several months, Nintendo has decided to release a new joystick compatible with Switch. Its name is Pro Controller and it is perfect for gamers who intend to spend several hours in front of their console and who demand professional performances from their joypad.

It is a controller built with excellent materials, with an attractive design and whose keys are arranged in an optimal and more comfortable way compared to the classic Switch controller.

Pro Controller is different than Joy-Con, but it has many similarities with the excellent Xbox joypad

Connect the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to a Mac

Let’s find out how to connect a Joy-Con to your Mac. It must be immediately clarified that by connecting two joysticks they will not be usable by a single user as a single device, as happens in the Nintendo console, but by two gamers.

To connect the controller we follow these steps:

  • Initially, to make sure that the controllers are not yet connected to the Nintendo Switch, you will need to turn off the console;
  • Remove one or both Joy-Con, like when you want to play more freely with your Switch;
  • Look for the ” Synchronize ” button on the flat side of the joystick, ie the small, round and black one;
  • Hold the button down for a few seconds, until the green light starts flashing;
  • Now move to your Mac and, in the high bar, click on the ” Bluetooth ” symbol (if you do not find it in the bar, search for it in the settings):
  • Now click on ” Open Bluetooth Preferences “;
  • In this screen you will find the list of available devices, including Joy-Con;
  • Click on the ” Associate ” button, located next to the corresponding device;

In a few seconds, the connected device will automatically move to the top: this will reveal that the Joy-Con has finally been connected to your Mac.

Connect a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to a Mac

Another good solution is to use a Pro Controller. Xbox users will notice some resemblance to their favorite console’s controller. Again, connecting the Nintendo controller to a Mac is a very simple operation that takes no more than a few minutes.

  • Initially, you will have to turn off your Nintendo Switch, so as to temporarily interrupt the connection to the Pro Controller;
  • Turn on your Mac, click the ” Bluetooth ” button and choose the ” Open Bluetooth Preferences ” item;
  • Hold down the Sync button – small in size and located at the top – of the Pro Controller;
  • After a few seconds, the controller will appear in the list of devices that can be connected to your Mac;
  • Click the ” Associate ” button again, located next to the name of the device you are interested in.

Remap the buttons

At this point, the temptation will be strong: you will certainly want to be catapulted into new adventures in the company of your favorite video games. Before you can do this, you will need to adjust the controls based on the video game you want to try with your Joy-Con or Pro Controller.

Each title, as you will be able to verify, has a specific section where you can make these changes.

Usually, just open the video game you intend to play – only after connecting the controller to the Mac -, go to ” Settings ” and choose ” Controls ” or ” Controls “. Unfortunately, this procedure varies according to each specific video game, but you will see that finding the appropriate section will not be difficult at all.

If you were wondering: yes, this procedure is also valid in case you have to use a controller for PS4, Xbox One, or any other console in your Mac.

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