How To Configure X8 Max Smartwatch using HryFine App

Configure X8 Max Smartwatch using HryFine App

Learn with this tutorial how to configure the smartwatch, X8 Max. All steps to pair the watch with the mobile phone. See which application to install on your cell phone to synchronize your workout data and monitor your health.

The X8 Max smartwatch monitors heart ratesleep monitoringexercise, and blood pressure. It uses the cell phone’s GPS to collect data from your physical activities, such as walkingcyclingrunning, and indoor running (on the treadmill).

Therefore, to get all these features working properly, you will need to make the connection between the devices. Check out all the steps below.

How to pair the smartwatch X8 Max

Table of Contents


1. Access the Play Store and install the HryFine App on your mobile. Select the correct version for your device, Android or iOS.

 HryFine App

2. Before opening the app, make sure your mobile’s Bluetooth and location are enabled.

luetooth and location are enabled.

3. Then open the HryFine App. Click “ Allow ” on all pop-ups that are opening on the screen. This is necessary for the app to manage your phone calls, access photos, media, files, contacts list, SMS, and phone call logs.

4. On the screen where you are asked to connect to an account, click on “ Direct login ”. But you can also register or log in via your Google account.

5. An account will be created automatically. Write down the account name and password information. If you wish, you can take a screenshot of the screen, as suggested by the application itself. Once that’s done, tap “ Determine ” to confirm.

6. Now you will be taken to the screen where you will have to add useful information. Fill in the required fields and then tap “ Determine ” above.

7. On the screen to accept the terms of use, no action is required, just tap the arrow above to return to the previous screen.

8. When returning, a pop-up will open on the screen asking to open the mobile notifications permissions. Tap “ Go reset ” to be directed.

9. On the Access Notifications screen, enable the switch next to the App’s name. This is required for all permissions previously given to work correctly. Then tap “ Allow ” on the pop-up window.

enable the switch

10. Now we will start the smartwatch pairing process. Return to the app’s home screen and tap “ Menu ” located at the bottom of the screen.

11. Now, tap the “ Search Device ” button. Two pop-up windows will then open, in both, click “ Allow ”.

12. Search for a smartwatch via Bluetooth connection will start. Wait for a few for the device to be found. In the search result, tap “ X8 Max ”.

Search for smartwatch via bluetooth

13. You will be asked to confirm on the clock screen. Tap “ Ok ” and wait for the message “ Successful equipment connection ” to appear in the App.

14. To proceed with the completion of the process, tap “ View ” and then “ PAIR AND CONNECT “. Finally, tap “ PREAR ” in the pop-up window.

Beauty! Your smartwatch X8 Max has been successfully paired and now it has dated and time-synchronized.

Note: if HryFine is not compatible with your X8 Max version, please scan the QR code from the manual to install the correct app.

Note: if HryFine is not compatible with your X8 Max version, please scan the QR code from the manual to install the correct app.

Settings and additional information

Now that your smartwatch X8 Max is properly connected to your mobile phone, let’s find out how to activate and use some features of the HryFine App. Go to the Menu tab and tap Hand Ring Setup. See below how to enable, use and what is use of the following features:

  • Find device – tapping this option will vibrate the watch to indicate your location.
  • Message reminder – access to enable notifications from social networks, messaging apps (WhatsApp and others), SMS reminders, etc. After enabling/disabling an app, tap “ Determine ” to save the changes.
  • Dial Management (Watch Faces) – Access this tab to select a watch face or customize one from an image or photo in your phone library.
  • Automatic HR measurement – configure, enable or disable the cardiac monitoring feature.
  • DND Mode – to enable or disable all notifications sent to the watch.
  • Vibration – Enable or disable this feature so the watch does not vibrate when receiving a notification.
  • Battery saver mode – turn on to save the clock battery (some features will no longer work).
  • Language options – select the language you want and confirm by clicking on “ Determine ”.
  • Dressing method – select which arm the user will wear the smartwatch on,
  • Factory reset – tap to reset the clock to its original setting.
  • Lift to wake up – enable this feature to turn on the watch screen automatically when you turn your wrist. Enable and set the start and end time of running the resource.

After completing the above steps, your smartwatch X8 Max is now configured and ready to receive notifications.