configure Smartwatch HW19 with Wearfit Pro

Check out all the steps in this tutorial to pair, configure and use your HW19 smartwatch. See how to customize watch faces, make calls, activate notifications, and more.

The HW19 is a good and inexpensive smartwatch for monitoring sports practice or just for everyday use. It has sleep monitoring and blood pressure measurement. With 12 indoor and outdoor sport modes, you will be able to follow all records on the application’s exercise page.

Pairing the HW19 smartwatch with the cell phone

Follow the steps below to connect/pair the smartwatch HW19 with your mobile phone.

  1. Before you start, enable your phone’s Bluetooth and location.
  2. Install the app to manage the watch’s activities and features on your phone. You have three options to download:
    • Scan the QR code on the watch. To view the code, swipe the lock screen to the right and tap “ Click the scan code link ”
    • Open the Play Store app and search for “ Wearfit Pro ” and tap “ Install ”.
    • Access the app page on the Play Store
       for Android phones or the App Store for iOS devices, for example, an iPhone.
  3. After downloading and installing, open the application, swiping left until you see the “ CONNECT ” button, click on it to continue.
  4. Enter your account information and again tap “Login” to log in. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking “ regs… ” located at the top of the screen.
  5. On the “Open Permissions” screen, check the three options and click on the “ I CALLED ” button.
  6. Once you’re taken to the app’s home screen, tap the “ Equipment ” tab located at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click “ Add Device ”, tap “ Allow ” in the pop-up window that opens, and wait to find the clock.
  8. When the search is finished, touch “ HW19 ” in the list shown below and confirm “ execute ” and then “I know ” to finish pairing the watch with the cell phone.

If the connection was successful, the date, time, and weather data on the clock should already be synchronized. That is, the same as the phone, including the location by GPS.

Setting up the Wearfit Pro app: watch faces, notifications

See how to configure the app to receive notifications, customize watch faces and activate some watch features.

Customizing a watch face:

  • Go to the Equipment screen, tap “ More ”.
  • Scroll down to the “ Custom Screen Saver ” section and tap “ Edit ” below the image.
  • Tap the plus sign (+) and allow the app to have the phone’s gallery.
  • In the gallery, choose the image or photo and click “ apply ”.
  • Make adjustments to the image and tap “ crop ”.
  • With the image already selected in the customization screen, click “ style ” to change the color of the numbers and letters or “position” to change the location of the characters.
  • Finally, click the “ INSTALL ” button to apply the custom dial to the watch.

Activating notifications:

Activate this feature in the app to receive phone call notifications, SMS message alerts, and apps directly on your watch screen. Still, on the equipment tab, tap “ Notifications ” and click “ Allow ”.

At the top of the screen, click on the “notification” switch and then enable the Wearfit Pro switch. In the pop-up, click “ Allow ” to finish this step. This will give the app access to phone notifications later.

Then go back to the notification screen, enable the key above and choose below which apps (Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, etc.) will send notifications to the watch. Always remember to click “ Allow ” to authorize.

Note: whenever you install a new app on your phone, you will have access to this page and enable it to send notifications to the watch.

How to make calls directly on HW19?

The HW19 can make calls without having to use the smartphone. Just access the watch’s calling app, select a contact, or enter the number you want to call. But for this to work, you need to configure some by following these steps:

First, swipe the watch screen down and make sure the phone icon with the Bluetooth symbol overlaid is enabled.

Once that’s done, go to phone settings > Bluetooth > tap Pair new device. In the result, tap Watch Call, check the pop-up box and click Pair.

Now let’s activate the features needed to make calls from the watch. Still, on this screen, tap the gear icon, check the 3 options and confirm OK.

How to reset smartwatch HW19 to its factory setting?

If you have any kind of problem with the connection of the watch, perform a factory reset to return to its original setting:

Important! All settings will be cleared. After resetting the clock, it will need to be set again.

  • Go to the clock settings > click Set up > confirm and wait for the clock to reset.

A reset can also be applied from the app installed on the phone, see the path below.

  • To do this, go to Equipment > Reset and follow the instructions.

HW19 smartwatch features and functions

Here’s some basic information on how to use or configure your watch’s features and functions.

Quick shortcuts:

Swipe the screen to the right to access some functions and check information.

  • View the current hour, month, and day
  • QR code of the manager app
  • Emergency SOS button
  • Most used app icons

Enable/Disable Features:

By swiping the smartwatch screen down, you can view, enable or disable the following features:

  • Bluetooth calls (phone icon)
  • Screen mode always on (sun icon)
  • Lock screen (padlock icon)
  • *PAYPAL QR code collection function (cash bag icon)
  • Settings (gear icon)
  • QR Code of your business card (handshake icon)
  • Battery percentage (current charge level)
  • Information about the time and day of the month

PAYPAL QR feature only works in Chinese territory.


To view notifications from messaging apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and others) swipe up the lock screen.

  • Tap on the notification to view the full message.

Note: This feature will only work after pairing the smartwatch with the phone.

View functions and add shortcuts:

Swipe left to access your smartwatch’s quick functions.

  • heart rate
  • Daily summary data
  • Weather/temperature information
  • Add components (tap the “+” icon to add more shortcuts)

Button functions:

Press the cam button to view all of the watch’s features and functions. The bottom button will also show the same results. Adding features already mentioned above, you can also see:

  • Sports Modes; Indoor activities and Outdoor activities
  • Take photos remotely (phone pairing required)
  • Oximeter (blood oxygen meter)
  • Breathing (relaxation)
  • Stopwatch
  • Calculator
  • make calls
  • And others

Note: Rotate the upper knob to navigate the screen’s functions, menus, and submenus.


  • To enter clock settings, press any of the buttons and tap “ Set up ”. From this screen, you can change the following functions:
  • screen dimming
  • Screen brightness duration
  • Screen off time
  • Phone settings; turn on or off mute dialing, call vibration, and dial vibration
  • Lift your wrist mode to turn on/turn on the screen
  • do not disturb mode
  • Language settings
  • sound and vibration
  • And others

Change watch faces:

Changing your HW19’s display is very simple, just follow these instructions:

  • On the watch: tap for a few seconds on the current display, slide the screen and select which one you want to use.

Note: You can also change and even customize a watch face through the Wearfit app.

Changing the menu style:

The HW19 has 3 menu display modes, you can choose to display icons in a grid, list, or beehive format.

  • To change the display type, short press the top button 2 times to toggle the menu modes.

More Watch Features:

Camera control makes it possible to take photos remotely. After turning on the camera on the phone, simply shake the watch to trigger the phone camera shutter.

Music Control can control the phone’s music player. When playing music, you can use the watch to control play, pause, and select the next track or the previous track.

It has an intelligent alarm mode that can be set up at 3 different times. Just set the desired period, save and the watch will vibrate at the right time.