How to configure M6 smartband using FitPro App

configure M6 smartband using FitPro App

Complete tutorial to learn how to configure M6 smart band on your mobile. Check out how to pair on your Android or iOS device and also how to enable key features.

Once you’ve paired your phone and your smart bracelet, we’ll show you the steps to enable the following functions: turn on the screen when you lift your wrist, receive notifications from your social networks, change/customize watch faces, and much more.

How to pair M6 smart band on mobile

Follow the nine steps below to pair your M6 smart band with your mobile phone. Recommended to install App manager according to your phone’s system.

1. Download and install the FitPro app on your phone. Access the Play Store for Android phones or the App Store if connecting with an iPhone.

pair M6 smartband on mobile

2. Open the App and click “ Allow ”. This will make FitPro have access to photos, media, and files from your phone.

3. After you have given this permission to the app, on the next screen, tap the “ SET ” tab located at the bottom of the screen.

4. Before starting pairing, we must enable Bluetooth and Mobile Location. To do this, swipe the top of the screen and tap the two functions to enable.

luetooth and location are enabled.

Attention! Do not connect the bracelet directly via the cell phone’s Bluetooth.

5. Then return to the app screen. Just above, tap the “ Link device to experience more feature ” option.

6. In the pop-up that opens, tap “ Allow ” to give access to the cell’s location. Wait for the Scan process to locate the M6 ​​smart band. At this time, leave the bracelet near the cell phone.

7. After scanning is finished, select “ M6 ” from the list of found devices to start pairing the M6 smart band.

start pairing M6 smartband

8. Pairing starts right away. Wait a few seconds until all options are configured and completed.

9. After being taken to the app home screen, return to the SET tab and check if smart band M6 is already connected.

Other ways to know if the process was done correctly is to check if the wristband’s time and date match that of the cell phone or to press the “Find” option in the app and see if the wristband vibrates after this action.

Configuring some M6 smart band features in the App

After the bracelet has been successfully connected to the cell phone, you will still need to activate some features from within FitPro. Follow the instructions to receive WhatsApp and Facebook notifications and learn how to use other features.

Activating notifications:

Open FitPro again, access the SET tab, click “ Push Message ” and enable the Remember SMS and Calls features. Once that’s done, every time someone sends you a message or calls your cell phone, you’ll be notified on the wristband screen.

Except for social networks, such as Facebook, to receive notifications you will need to enable the FitPro key when you are directed to the “ Access to notifications ” screen. After enabling it, go back to the apps screen and select the desired apps.

enable the FitPro key

Activating or using the additional features of the M6 ​​smart bracelet

  • Activate the “ Bright Screen ” feature so that when the wrist is lifted the bracelet screen will automatically light up.
  • Activate “ DND Mode ” to silence all notifications. This will stop all notifications from previously configured apps.
  • Go to “ My alarms ” to create alarms by setting an activation and end time. The bracelet will vibrate for the specified period.
  • By activating the “ Sedentary lifestyle reminder ” feature, you will be notified when you remain stationary for a certain period. It is also possible to determine the time to be alerted.

Changing or customizing watch faces of the M6 ​​smart bracelet

In addition to the standard watch face of the bracelet, you can also download several watch faces available in the FitPro app. See instructions below.

Changing the watch face:

To download new watch faces from the app, go to the Set tab and tap the “ Dial Setting ” section. You will see on the “ Standard ” tab, the dial that is being used on the bracelet.

To select other models, tap the “ Recommend ” tab, select a watch face and tap the “ Synchronized dial ” button to send it to the bracelet screen.

Customizing a watch face:

To customize a watch face, go to the “ Recommend ” tab and select the first watch face from this screen.

Then tap the button below ” Change the plan to ” choose an image or photo from your mobile gallery.

Make the necessary adjustments (cropping) to the image. Below, select the icon position template. When you think everything is ok, click on the “ Synchronized dial ” button to apply the custom watch face as the watch face of the bracelet.