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How to choose good hashtags for Instagram?

hoose good hashtags for Instagram

Putting good hashtags makes your Instagram posts have a greater reach. Sometimes it is also recommended that you generate your own labels to distinguish yourself from others. In addition, the Facebook platform has been allowing you to follow hashtags for a while, this gives your publications greater reach if you use the correct ones.

There are multiple platforms and apps to choose good hashtags for your posts. Today we have selected 5 tools with which you will have the best labels for Instagram.

With Bigbangram you can choose good hashtags for Instagram and have more functions


This platform offers you different services for social networks, so it will be useful for you. The special thing about it is that the tool to generate hashtags is free. To take advantage of this function, you must enter the subject on which you want the labels and it will load the list of options that you can use.

When you search for labels, they will appear organized in a list of similarities and another list with organic ones. Within each list, the labels are ordered from the most popular to the least used. Then you can choose up to 30 tags to copy and paste in your post.

Remember that if you use more than 30 hashtags Instagram will block your account, see here what you can do if Instagram blocks your account. In any case, it is important that you know their limits and what you should avoid so that they do not block you.

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The easiest site to have good hashtags on Instagram, Display Purposes

Display Purposes

One of the simplest tools on this list is Display Purposes. With it you will be able to generate tags, you just have to add a term and it will give you the best 30 hashtags for your post. In this platform, you can enter the data of your Instagram account to make an analysis of your profile and thus tell you which are the best tags according to your content.

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Choose good hashtags for Instagram among the 90 that All Hashtag offers

All Hashtag offers

The operation of this tool is similar to the others. You must add a term that identifies your publication and it will give you a list with the best 30 hashtags related to the indicated keyword. Then he gives you another list of 30 tags in which he adds those that are also popular with those who search for the term you indicated.

If you wish, you can make a third list with tags focused on other keywords related to the term you selected. With the three lists offered by this platform, you can establish one with the most popular hashtags and those related to them. This way, your posts on Instagram will have more traffic and you will gain more impressions on your profile.

Web | All Hashtag

A simple but very complete option to choose good hashtags, Taxify


Tagify is a fairly complete and simple option that will also be useful to you. Unlike the other tools, this one can search in real-time. Find trending hashtags on Instagram based on the term you provide.

One of its ways to search for tags is by doing a quick 10-second search, it will find the best 30 options for you to add to your post. The other way is a deep search that takes about 25 seconds to complete, here you look in more detail for the hashtags and find the ones that best relate to the keyword.

From the platform, they indicate that it does not use deception for its users and that the hashtag suggestions they make are real trends.

Web | Tagify

With Top Hashtags, you can generate 3 types of hashtags for Instagram according to what you need

On this platform, you will find 3 types of hashtags for you to choose the best ones.

First are the Top Hashtags that focus on the best trending alternatives on Instagram and the keyword you supply to them. These help you to position your publications on Instagram faster.

Then there are the Random Hashtags. They will serve you when you are not sure what to provide. This feature randomly searches and helps you define the perfect hashtags for you to post to your account.

Finally, there are the Convert Hashtags. This function is used when you have a text that you want to convert into a group of hashtags. With this function, you can see the statistics of each hashtag that has been proposed, to know which one will serve you best.

Web | Top Hashtags

Remember that the tags should be focused on the content you post. Now take advantage of these platforms and start growing on Instagram using good hashtags

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