Cheetah Tool HTC / LG / Tecno / Infinix / OPPO


Cheetah Tool HTC / LG / Tecno / Infinix / OPPO

I always try to give my audience about good and new free Android Tools To move forward, I’ll give you another one the Cheetah Tool. This is the best tool for user who doesn’t have any paid boxes and paid tools.

With  Cheetah Tool you can deal with different Android devices and phones, Samsung devices Or other Android phones such as HTC / LG / Tecno / Infinix / OPPO phones.

And other phones depending on the processors carried by either processor MTK or SPD or Qualcomm QLM.

The Cheetah Tool carries a list of Android phones and a list of other Samsung devices.


Cheetah Tool has a lot of operations like:

  • Read Phone Info
  • Reboot to different android modes such as
  • RTF mode, FASTBOOT mode, EDL mode, and Download mode
  • Format work and set up a complete factory for telephone Wipe Factory / Wipe Cache
  • Delete protection and override Google accounts for Android phones
  • Exit the PasteBot mode easily
  • Install applications and games for Android, such as APK
  • Fixing Wi-Fi problems for some phones with MTK processors
  • Activate Diag mode for phones that carry Qualcomm processors
  • Show hidden languages ​​in the operating system for some models and phone

Cheetah Tool HTC / LG / Tecno / Infinix / OPPO

In addition to the list of Samsung phones that carry a lot of important operations such as.

  • Read it info and full phone INFO
  • Unlock the phone and the security codes without deleting the data
  • Delete protection FRP and skip Google accounts for a large collection of Samsung phones
  • Which carries EXYNOS processors and Qualcomm processors
  • Format work and set up a complete phone factory
  • Show hidden languages ​​for Samsung phones
  • Custom files “Boot, Recovery” to cancel the phone codes and lock the screen
  • For Samsung Galaxy phones without deleting data

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