Android 13 introduces a number of new features, including a per-app language option. This indicates you can configure multiple languages for various apps. Here is a comprehensive  guide to changing the language of each application in Android 13 .

If you’re an Android user, you realize that the platform is jam-packed with amazing features that continue to improve with every Android update. Android 13 is the most recent version of Android that is now available on Pixel phones. Furthermore, the latest Android version also allows users to alter the language of certain apps. On Android 13, you can configure various languages for separate apps.

Is the per-app language setting supported by all apps?

Because this functionality is new, only a few apps are currently supported by this per app language option. You can change the language of system programs and some third-party apps that support it by default. However, you must verify the apps to see if they support this new function.

Benefits of switching languages per app?

We occasionally want to switch the language of individual apps, which is now easy thanks to per-app language settings. Because many people knew with over one language, it makes sense to use specific apps in a different language than other apps on the device. Another strong argument is that if a user wants to learn a new language, using specific apps in that language may assist speed up the learning process. There could be other explanations. So, whatever the case may be, you can now quickly change the language of some apps on Android 13.

Let’s get started with the tutorial now that you’re familiar with the basics of each app language feature.

Change the Language of Specific Android Apps 13


Because it is a useful feature of Android 13 and not a UI feature, it will be available on the Android 13-based custom UI for non-Pixel phones. That ensures you can apply this option on any Android 13 phone. So, we’ll now look at how to activate per-app language settings in Android 13.

Open Settings on your Android 13 device.

Now swipe down and open System Settings.

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On the next page open Language & input.

Here you will find App Languages, open it

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Now it will show the list of Apps. You can choose the app in which you want to change the language.

Tap on the app and choose your preferred language.

When you start the program now, you should notice that the language has changed. However, it may not always change immediately. It is likely that you will need to restart your phone for the modification to take effect. Because it is still a new function, we can assume it to improve in future releases.

Alternative Method:


Open Settings on your phone.

Now head to Apps settings and choose the app for which you want to change the language.

You can also get to this page by long tapping on the app icon and selecting settings.

In-App Settings choose the Language option.

Here you can choose the preferred language for your app.

So this is just a further method for accessing per-app language settings.

Keep in mind that the per-app language settings are currently only available on a few apps. However, we may expect more apps to offer these services in the near future.


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