Change Fonts in WhatsApp Without Using MODs

WhatsApp is a platform that, despite having been on the market for a considerable time, has not undergone many changes regarding its aesthetics, therefore, it is understandable that you feel the need to want a change. And since using WhatsApp MODs is not an option, in this article, we will present you with other alternatives so that you can give your WhatsApp conversations a new look.

Use a font keyboard to change the font in WhatsApp

There is more than one way in which you can change the font in WhatsApp, but one of the easiest and safest is through the font keyboards. This is a method that, in addition to being simple, can also be applied to iOS.

A font keyboard is a keyboard like any other, but with the difference that it will allow you to change the font style with the press of a button. Being a simple keyboard, it allows you to change the font while you type, however, the font of the application itself will remain the same.

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There are a lot of font keyboard options on the market, but in this article, we will mention some of the best alternatives. You can find these apps in both the Play Store and the App Store.


Font Keyboard

font art

How to change the keyboard on Android to write with another font on WhatsApp

change the keyboard on Android

These are the steps you must follow to change the keyboard on Android:

  • Once the app is downloaded, launch it.
  • By entering the app, you agree to all necessary permissions.
  • Select the fonts keyboard as default. This way you will be able to see the font keyboard every time you write a message.

In case you notice that your keyboard has not changed after following the steps, all you have to do is select the globe that appears in the bottom left. By clicking on this button you can change the keyboard.

How to change the keyboard in iOS to write with another font in WhatsApp

Here are the steps you need to follow to change the keyboard on iOS:

  • Once you download the app, launch it.
  • Accept all the permissions that the app requests.
  • Then, you must go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards and click on the keyboard of the fonts that you installed.
  • Now you must activate the Allow full access box.
  • And that’s it, you’ll be able to use your fonts keyboard like any other keyboard.

Now, if what you were looking for was a radical change in the look of your phone.

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