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Game: MemoryMatch Nokia Symbian^3

The aim of the game is to reveal all cards with the same animals in pairs. Open the card at a time, remember what they animals, and look for the pair. At the opening of two identical cards in succession, they disappear from the playing…

Game: Giga Jump Nokia S60v5, Symbian^3

Game Giga Jump for your Symbian - it's a great arcade game with excellent graphics, sound and addictive game play. We tested the game Giga Jump for Nokia 5230, Nokia 5250, Nokia N8, Nokia 5530 and were satisfied with the result. No…

Game: Occupy Colors Lite Nokia Symbian^3

Occupy Colors Lite - is a great puzzle game for Nokia Symbian ^ 3 (Anna, Belle). In this game, as in Fillr , you need to take on the playing field more cells than your opponent is trying to do. The game lasts exactly as long as one of you…

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