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Trump Signs Order To Ban TikTok

Trump Signs Order To Ban TikTok And WeChat In U.S.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed on Thursday night (6) an executive order that officializes the banning of two services originating in China: the social network TikTok and the messenger WeChat. According to the document,...
Zoom version 5.2

Zoom Version 5.2 Brings Effects, Noise Cancellation And More

The Zoom is releasing the update 5.2 filled with new effects, images, and more control over cancellation options of noise to enhance your videoconferences. Just like on Instagram, Zoom filters add fun modifications to your face in...
WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta Receives ‘Advanced Search’ on Android

The WhatsApp Beta Android received the "Advanced Search" to find media conversations. Previously limited to searching for messages - when searching for terms contained in the responses - the tool now includes images, videos, GIFs, audio, documents, and links...
Final Version of Android 11 Beta

Google Releases Final Version of Android 11 Beta With Fixes

Google launched its latest update to the final Beta Android 11. Containing performance tweaks, bug fixes, and other minor changes, the final version serves to "help developers achieve the finishing touches" of apps for the new...
TikTok App For Amazon Fire TV

TikTok App For Amazon Fire TV With Exclusive Content

The TikTok launched its first app for TVs, More on the TikTok for Amazon Fire TV. According to Business Insider, the app is an aggregator of TikTok playlists and video compilations, allowing you to watch content directly from...
PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS

You can now exclusively play PUBG Mobile at 90 FPS if you have a...

If you play PUBG Mobile and own an OnePlus, then you will love this news. Why? Because PUBG Corporation has partnered with OnePlus to enhance your Battle Royale experience. Well PUBG Mobile already works...