Microsoft Presents The Surface Duo: Features And Official Price

Surface Duo

Last year, Microsoft announced its return to Android territory with the introduction of a rather interesting device. Of course, we refer to the Surface Duo that is presented as a kind of hybrid between mobile and tablet with two screens. At the time, the company did not reveal many details of this device beyond the …

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Old Huawei phones would not receive any more updates

Huawei phones

2019 was one of the hardest years for the Chinese company Huawei, as the Trump administration placed the Asian firm on the blacklist of the United States Department of Commerce. Simply put, it prevented Huawei from continuing to operate within North America. This brought a huge number of problems to the company in question, and …

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Discover the best phones with a 3.5 mm connector in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Is there a better connection than the physical one? For many, wireless connectivity is wonderful, but the truth is that it is not perfect. In the case of TWS headphones something similar happens, they fascinate us, but they will never achieve a sound as incredible as that of wired headphones.  Are you …

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Cubot C30 a powerful mobile with a quad-camera

Cubot C30

The Cubot brand, mostly known for its inexpensive smartphones with great features, has just introduced a new premium mobile. It is the high-end Cubot C30 that comes with the powerful Helio P60 processor, 8 GB of RAM, quad rear camera, 6.4 ″ Full HD + screen, and a huge 4200 …

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GeForce Now Comes To Chromebooks As Beta

GeForce Chromebooks

Are you a video game lover but don’t have a gaming device? It doesn’t matter, because streaming games are all the rage. You already had Google Stadia available on any Android and Android TV, but now there is more because you can already install GeForce Now on your Chromebook, at least the beta. Nvidia’s streaming …

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The Best Mobiles To Play Fortnite in 2020?

ROG Phone 3, the most powerful and customizable gaming smartphone of 2020

Fortnite is no longer with us, at least in the Play Store, although you can still install it on Android easily. The Epic Games Battle Royale continues to do its thing, almost three years after its launch it continues to increase its number of users without stopping. However, Fortnite is not a …

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Snapchat Launches Special Filters To Be Used in TikTok

Snapchat Launches Special Filters

It is not so uncommon to see posts on one social network that have been made on others. Tweets ‘printed’ and pasted into Instagram Stories; TikTok videos being posted on Facebook and so on. From this, Snap, the company behind Snapchat, is launching augmented reality (AR) filters specifically for TikTok. There are four filters …

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