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How to find the Spider-Man filter on Instagram

Spider-Man filter on Instagram

Do you feel like using the Spider-Man filter that is going viral on TikTok? If your answer is “yes”, we want to tell you that you have come to the right place. As it is an effect that is not present in the TikTok app, it is necessary to open the Instagram …

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Try the black eye filter on Snapchat that is viral on TikTok

black eye filter

Do you want to play a prank on your friends and family? Well, you should download the new black eye filter that everyone on TikTok is using. What this fun effect does is “paint” your entire black eye, that is, it will allow you to make other people believe that they have hit you. Of …

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How to Sign Out of Netflix on PS4 and PS5

Netflix on PS4 and PS5

Need to sign out of Netflix on your PS4 or PS5 console? You do not need to uninstall the application to be able to do this. As on other platforms, the last two consoles that the Japanese company Sony has launched on the market allow you to close the Netflix session in …

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How To force 120 Hz in all apps of your Xiaomi 12 Pro

120 Hz in all apps of your Xiaomi 12 Pro

Do you have a Xiaomi 12 Pro at home? Then you probably want to squeeze all its features to the max. One of them is definitely that amazing 120Hz AMOLED screen that isn’t always put to good use, but we’ll show you a trick to do it. How? With a tutorial in which you …

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How to Pair Mormaii Life Smartwatch [Android – IOS]

Pair Mormaii Life Smartwatch

Mormaii Life is an excellent smartwatch with several features. However, it is necessary to pair Mormaii Life with your cell phone, this will allow a better experience of its functions. The Mormaii Life (MO LIFE) smartwatch is splash-resistant, allowing you to shower (only with cold water). As it has 5 …

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How To change the camera settings on Instagram

camera settings on Instagram

Instagram is still one of the most important social networks. In fact, Instagram is so popular that it has already surpassed 2 billion active users. Also, even though this platform has had some issues, they always bring out features and customization options. For example, Instagram now allows you to change your camera settings. Keep in …

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Force OTA update on your Google Pixel – Don’t wait for the OTA!

OTA update on your Google Pixel

There are several ways to install the latest official OTA update from Google on your Pixel. The simplest of all is to wait until the mobile receives a notification that allows you to download it. You literally just have to press a couple of buttons and your Pixel will update without you doing much of anything. The …

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How to pair T68 Pro Smartwatch with mobile

pair T68 Pro Smartwatch with mobile

How to pair and configure the smartwatch T68 Pro with your cell phone? Watch this tutorial and learn how to sync all watch features and functions with your smartphone. Once paired, the T68 Pro will be able to send information about monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and exercise …

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