The best weapons of Call of Duty Mobile

COD Mobile is causing a sensation among the entire mobile gamer community, and it is not for less. Consecrating in a very short time as one of the best first-person shooting games, there are many users who seek advice to be better within this fun title.If you are one of them, then you cannot miss this article. In it, we will show you what are the best weapons to play online. Just don’t expect to have them all at your disposal, as some are unlocked when you reach a certain level.

The best weapons for multiplayer Call of Duty Mobile

Before showing you the best weapons in the different multiplayer modes of Call of Duty Mobile, it is necessary to clarify that we will separate them by category. In this way, we can show you which is the best SMG, the best shotgun, the best assault rifle and so on.

The best sniper rifle from COD Mobile

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The best option is named after Artic 50. This 50-caliber sniper rifle is an ideal weapon for racing in high places and eliminating enemies with one shot. Although its recoil is very high, it is a weapon that becomes very simple to control, as long as it is used to ride and not to shoot from the hip.

The best light machine gun from COD Mobile

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If you are shooting without releasing the trigger, or, in this case, the trigger button, then you should take into account the RPD. This is one of the weapons with the highest firepower, something to consider when looking for a weapon with high cadence and high damage.

The best assault rifle of COD Mobile

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The experienced Call of Duty players, those who enjoyed Modern Warfare and Black Ops, surely know that one of the best weapons to play online is the AK47. While in COD Mobile that specific model is not so good, we can find a reasonable facsimile, and better, in the model AK117. It is an ideal weapon to face enemies at long and medium distances.

The best COD Mobile shotgun

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Those who use shotguns in shooting games are not very dear to the community, but that doesn’t really matter much, well … For something they are no? If you are using shotguns, you should not miss the Striker: shotgun with a lot of damage, large magazine and automatic firing system, A luxury.

The best submachine gun (SMG) of COD Mobile

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Do you like to rusher and eliminate several enemies at the same time? Well, then you can’t miss the best submachine of Call of Duty Mobile, the PDW-57 submachine gun. While it is the last weapon that is unlocked in terms of level, it is a submachine gun that stands out from the rest when facing other players in online modes.

We recommend you try each of these weapons to see which one best suits your playing style. It should be noted that these weapons can also be found in the Battle Royale mode of COD Mobile, although in that case they cannot be selected for entry, for obvious reasons of course.