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How To Bypass locks on Keenetic routers -Guide

We will tell you in the clearest and accessible way how to configure bypassing locks on Keenetic routers.

Several articles have been written on the Internet on how to bypass locks on Keenetic routers, but the information is either incomplete or written for system administrators, but not all users are. Therefore, not many people understand what needs to be done to access a blocked site using a Keenetic router. It was decided to write this material to rectify the situation.

VPN server

In order for the Keenetic router to learn to bypass the blocking, you must have already created a VPN server. If it’s a VPN Wireguard even better, as it is one of the fastest and most secure protocols at the moment. How to set up such a VPN, read our article – Create a Wireguard VPN Server.

Installing the required components to Keenetic router

Go to the Keenetic web interface> “general settings”> install the Wireguard component.

Installing the necessary components on a Keenetic router

Then restart the router, then go back to the web interface and go to the “other connections” menu and add a Wireguard connection.

menu and add a Wireguard connection.

Configuring site-blocking bypass on Keenetic routers

You need to go to the “Routing” tab. Here you will need to add one or many IP addresses assigned to a specific site or service. How to do this is described below.

Configuring bypassing blocking sites on Keenetic routers

If the site has one IP

If you need to go to a site that has only an IP address, then you need to do this:

  • Click “add route”
  • Choose “route to the node”
  • In the “Destination host address” specify the IP address of the site (IP can be found using special service)
  • In the drop-down list “Interface” select your VPN
  • A little below, check the “Add automatically” checkbox and save the changes.

Add automatically" and save the changes.

The site will now start working!

If the site has many IP addresses

For large projects such as VK, Facebook, etc., as a rule, a large number of IP addresses are used, a couple of hundred or even more. It is possible to add them in a first way, but it is very difficult. Therefore, a different approach will be needed.

  • Click “add route”
  • Select “route to the network”
  • Go to the site which will show the entire list of IP and subnet masks of the required service. In the search, we drive in the domain, and then we look at the IP info tab. There will be a set of initial IP addresses and slash subnet mask format
  • Further, in the Address of the destination node, we indicate one of many start IP address

slash format for the subnet mas

  • Slightly lower in the subnet mask, specify the “decrypted” slash format, aka decimal format. Below is a table for your convenience.
slash formatDecimal format
/ 32255.255.255.255
/ 31255.255.255.254
/ 29255.255.255.248
/ 28255.255.255.240
/ 27255.255.255.224
/ 26255.255.255.192
/ 25255.255.255.128
/ 24255.255.255.0
/ 23255.255.254.0
/ 22255.255.252.0
/ 21255.255.248.0
/ 17255.255.128.0
/ 7254.0.0.0
/ 6252.0.0.0
/ 3224.0.0.0
/ 2192.0.0.0
  • In the drop-down list “Interface” select your VPN connection
  • Just below the checkbox “Add automatically” and save.

Add automatically

  • This is how the locks are bypassed on Keenetic routers. Now repeat the steps for the next IP addresses of the blocked resource. Then the blocked site will work again!

That’s all, now you know how to Bypass locks on Keenetic routers.

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