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Bootloader Upgrade Tool For Motorola

Bootloader Upgrade Tool For Motorola


Recently, many ROMS that needs you to boot 41.18+ and will not be installed on the 41.13 this script to change your bootloader. Original posting XDA. There is no “v41.18 motoboot.img” for the following versions at the moment: XT1028, XT1031.

Supported Devices:
XT1002, XT1003, XT1008, XT1032, XT1033, XT1034, XT1039, XT1040, XT1045

Motorola Drivers
Boot Upgrader Tool v1.20

  • Installation
  1. Connect your Moto G to your computer via the USB cable;
  2. Run the “BUT”;
  3. Press any key the program will recognize and restart your device in fastboot
  4. If the program does not automatically restart in fast boot reboot it manually (with the appliance off turn it on holding on / off button vol- +);
  5. Press any key;
  6. Select the number according to the model of your device;
  7. Select which version you want to install the boot, but first check which version is installed on your device, SECOND LINE IN WRITING ON SCREEN MODE fastboot.
  8. After selecting which version you want to install press ENTER, it will install and your device will re inciar
  • Important:

For users of Moto G 4G
After upgrading, you may lose the signal. To fix it, just flash the latest radio firmware available here.

not flash bootloaders random on random devices can brick your device!

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