Blackview A80 Pro


Blackview A80 Pro With 4-Camera In 3 Color Options

Yesterday, the first prototype of the upcoming Blackview smartphone, the Blackview A80 Pro, appeared on the Blackview CEO’s Facebook page.

The smartphone shows only a small part of the phone, through which, however, we can see an attractive set of four cameras located on the upper left side of the phone, as well as a fingerprint sensor located next to the camera.

The image below shows that the new device will be sold in three color options.

The source claims that the superior image belongs to the Blackview A80 Pro. The phone is equipped with four cameras and a slim aesthetic 3D design.

It is reported that the phone is available in three color options, such as black, red, and trendy gradient color. However, gradient color palettes have not yet been reported.

It is alleged that the Blackview A80 Pro is the main device, and it can become official as early as this month. As we all know, Blackview is a well-known manufacturer of rugged and rugged smartphones.

So will the Blackview A80 Pro combine with robust features to stand out in the saturated mobile phone market? We don’t know yet. Let’s wait and see.