Once upon a time, if girls wanted to do makeup, then they had to go to a beauty salon or spend several hours in a row in front of a mirror. And the result was not always possible to predict.

The first websites began to appear in the middle of the 2000s, where you could upload your photo onto which a special program would apply makeup or even change your hairstyle so that you understand whether you should change the style or not.

Those services were far from ideal, but today everything has changed and there are many programs for applying virtual makeup on Google Play.

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It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time choosing an image

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover – Beauty Requires No Sacrifice


Mary Kay Virtual Makeover is an incredibly advanced application. Here there is the opportunity to try a wide range of cosmetics (production, you yourself understand which company).

At the same time, for experiments, you can use both your own photo and a number of pre-prepared snapshots of the models.

If you use your photo, the application will allow you to set up “control points” like the nose, corners of the mouth, and so on, so that the program knows where to apply makeup.

Download: Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

Perfect365 – Be Perfect Always


Perfect365 is one of the most popular virtual makeup application. Unlike the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover application, where you need to manually specify what and where is on your face, Perfect 365 recognizes everything automatically.

At the same time, judging by the reviews, the percentage of errors is minimal and depends mainly on the fact that you took a photo in a room with insufficient lighting.

After you are done, you can save the result. However, the program has one significant drawback – in the free version, edited photos are saved exclusively in low resolution.

Download: Perfect365

YouCam Makeup – Makeup without the hassle


YouCam Makeup is very similar to the previous program. However, there are many more functions here. In addition, the YouCam interface is intuitive and easy to use. After you upload your photo, you can choose something from the list of ready-made presets or create your own step by step.

To be able to save the results, you will need to connect the application with a Facebook account or register in the program service. But in our chat in Telegram, you do not need to register. Just follow the link and start communication.

Download: Youcam makeup

Facetune2 – Makeup and Something More


Facetune2 is one of the most interesting apps in this category. Facetune2 focuses not only on the possibility of applying virtual makeup, but also has some options for retouching and editing photos.

The program also has a rather entertaining function of working with lighting, which allows you to adjust the angle of incidence of light in your photo, which can help to “stretch” some pictures if they were taken in insufficiently lit places.

Download: Facetune2

Camera360 – First among equals


Camera360 has, you can say, advanced photo editing capabilities that are great for creating selfies. In addition to the features described in the programs above, there are also options for improving the quality of images, which can improve the complexion and remove the most noticeable skin defects.

In addition, the free version will not overwhelm you with a huge list of restrictions. All basic options are available at no extra cost.

Download: Camera360