Recording the PC screen is a great way to create game and program tutorials, being a technique widely used by YouTubers to present software to their audience. However, since the pandemic’s beginning, the demand for screen recorders has grown, as professionals from different areas, such as those in the education area, have started recording the screen of their computers to record classes and meetings.

To stay on top of the subject, we have listed the best programs to record your PC screen.

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Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder


Free Screen Recorder promises to please those who are looking for a simple and efficient program, since it has basic functions, but which manages to effectively meet the needs of its users.

In addition to being able to capture the screen and the audio of the machine, it allows its users to make small edits after finishing the recording, such as cutting parts that had some speech errors and fixing audio flaws. The program is free.

2. Ezvid


Ezvid has a large number of tools available and offers a great user experience, such as the possibility to highlight texts and objects on the screen during recordings, being a good option to complement the explanation on a certain subject.

However, Ezvid limits the usage time in the free version to 45 minutes, making people who want to use the program longer have to purchase the premium version of the software or save their creations with the recorder’s watermark. . It is only available for Windows.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the most complete software on this list and is mainly indicated for those who produce some type of content for the internet and need to make some edits to the file before its availability. It has a large number of tools for this functionality, such as image masking, audio and video filters, and chromakey.

It is completely free and can be downloaded on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder

4. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a widely known software on the internet and is similar to the previous option, delivering more complex and professional functions. With it, you can choose to record isolated parts of the screen, such as web guides or specific programs, further increasing your privacy.


Another differential in its use is the possibility of converting the file into a series of formats after recording, making the user not hostage to websites and other programs to convert the recording.

In addition, the software even allows its users to record only the audio from one of the outputs of their PC, being an interesting tool for those looking for this functionality.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder has an interface in Portuguese and is available for free.


CamStudio is another option aimed at those who do not require a program with complex tools and just want software that records the screen. It’s lightweight and completely free, running flawlessly even on older machines or machines with limited storage space.

Despite this, due to its low frame rate, CamStudio is not highly recommended for those who want to post their video on some platform, such as YouTube, since the image quality offered by it is below other programs on this list. , such as OBS Studio and Apowersoft Screen Recorder.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Despite being a less robust software, Movavi Screen Recorder also has a Portuguese version, being a great option for those who do not have fluency in another language.

For a period of 7 days, users of the program can test its main features, which include the conversion of work into a large number of different formats and the possibility of recording your audio cleanly and clearly.

However, it is important to remember that Movavi Screen Recorder will add a watermark and impose a time limit on its users after this period if the switch to the premium plan of the program is not made.

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