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The Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

If you want to relive your childhood with those legendary DS games, such as Pokémon, and Mario, among others, you are in luck, because we have prepared this post to tell you which are the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android.

Back in 2004, Nintendo launched a console that would mark a before and after in the industry, as it had a dual-screen format, allowing new game mechanics. Not to mention that it could also connect to the Internet. We are referring to the Nintendo DS, which was the first console for many children.

And, although it has been discontinued, it is still possible to enjoy its great titles on our mobile phones through the Nintendo DS emulators for Android.

There are many of these emulation programs for Android, which you can install and will allow you to enjoy those classic console games. Within these we can highlight the Game Boy Advance emulators for the most classic ones, but also the Nintendo 3DS emulators, and even the PSP emulators. But today, we will talk about those from NDS.

Best Nintendo DS emulators for Android

In the Play Store, you can find a lot of Nintendo DS emulators. However, not all of them are worth it, as some have performance errors and others do not work at all. So, to save you time, we have tested a lot of these tools and we have compiled a list of the best alternatives.

So, if you want to relive your childhood and enjoy those games that you grew up with, but now through your Android mobile, you are in luck, because in this list you will find many interesting options. But this is not all, as these tools often include additional features to improve the overall gaming experience.

It should be noted that Nintendo DS emulators for Android require that you have a mobile phone with enough power to run the titles fluidly and without overheating which affects performance. However, due to advances in this market, it is very easy to meet this requirement today.

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator
DraStic DS Emulator is a paid alternative, but it is also one of the most complete when emulating Nintendo DS games

Heading this post, we have one of the best and most popular Nintendo DS emulators that you can find in the Play Store. This is the DraStic DS Emulator, which is a paid alternative and costs just over 4 euros.


However, we consider that the features offered by this emulator compensate for its price since you will hardly find another alternative that has better overall performance in games, not to mention that it is also compatible with third-party controllers, a menu of special keys and much more.

But this is not all, since the DraStic emulator has more than five display modes you can choose the one that best suits your playing style. And if you have a mobile phone with a powerful enough SoC, then you will have access to high-quality visuals so you can enjoy your favourite games with the best resolution.

But since nothing is perfect, you should know that this emulator has some limitations, such as the fact that it does not have compatibility with the wireless network and, therefore, does not have multiplayer. Additionally, it does not offer a demo version for you to see if it is worth paying for the full version. Although these “limitations” may be subjective, it is still an interesting alternative.

I intend to NDS Emulator

I intend to NDS Emulator
Although it is no longer available on the Play Store, the Pretendo NDS Emulator is still one of the best options

Another interesting option in terms of Nintendo DS emulators is Pretendo NDS Emulator, which you can download for free on your Android smartphone to enjoy your favourite titles from the legendary Nintendo console.

It is important to note among its features the fact that its installation is simple and quick since you just have to download it, install it and it will be ready to be used. In addition, it offers support for .rar, .rom, .ds and more formats. But this is not all, because you should know that it has an auto-save system so that you can record the progress of your game without worrying about anything.

Regarding customization, you should know that this emulator has a lot of options for you to modify its appearance. However, because it is a free alternative, it has ads so that developers can make their work profitable. Not to mention that it is no longer in the Play Store, but you will have to download it from an external platform in APK format.


This is one of the latest Nintendo DS emulators on the Play Store, but it has good performance and unique features

Now we must talk about one of the oldest Nintendo DS emulators on the entire list and that works great, even though it has stopped updating to correct errors and ensure the best possible performance, although this does not mean that you cannot find some What another mistake.

Beyond that, you should know that it is a free and open-source emulator, which is always good news. In addition, it offers proven compatibility with a large number of games, so, likely, your favourite title is also among these.


nds4droid has a lot of interesting features, one of the most interesting being the possibility of saving character statistics, which means that you can go back to a certain previous point in your adventure, without losing the levels that your avatar has reached. This is something wonderful that you didn’t know you needed until you finally have it.

Because it is a fairly recent emulator, it still has a lot of room for improvement, but the developers are committed to improving their tool for the benefit of users. And of the confirmed problems is that it cannot fast-forward the scenes.

Fast DS Emulator – For Android

Fast DS Emulator – For Android
Fas DS Emulator – For Android allows you to enjoy many of your favourite Nintendo DS games on your smartphone

One of the points that should be highlighted about this emulator is that it has a lot of ads because it is free. And, although they can be intrusive or annoying when displayed consecutively, it is not something that ruins the user experience. In addition, the requirements are quite simple, as it requires that you have Android 6.0 or higher.

Among its most important features, we must highlight the fact that it is compatible with several formats, including .zip and .nds. In addition, its compatibility with a lot of games has been proven, which means that you will be able to enjoy your favourite titles without problems.

Another of the strong points of this emulator is that it has support for external controls that you can connect to your mobile. But that’s not all, since it also allows you to save your games at any time so that you can always pick up the adventure from where you left it; It has a special key menu and much more.

EmuBox – AlO emulator

EmuBox – AlO emulator
This emulator can not only play Nintendo DS games but also other video game consoles.

It is time to talk about EmuBox – AIO emulator, which allows you to play various video game consoles, from the classic Nintendo DS to the Nintendo DS, but also the SNES and many more. Also, unlike other options, this tool has a very nice user interface that follows Google’s Material Design lines.

Among the most important features of this emulator, we must point out that it has a function that allows you to save the game at any time, but it is also capable of resuming games quickly. And while it is true that it has advertising as it is free, it is not intrusive. However, if you want to get rid of it, you will have to go to checkout to purchase the Pro version.

RetroArch Plus
RetroArch Plus is one of the most complete Nintendo DS emulators that you can find in the Play Store

Another of the best and most complete emulators on this list is RetroArch Plus, which has a particular operation, as it uses “cores” to emulate different consoles, including the Nintendo DS. In addition, it is an application that you can download for free on your smartphone.


This tool is also open source, something that is important to many people. But beyond that, you should know that it is an emulator that fulfils what it promises since you can install the core that allows you to emulate Nintendo DS games without problems. Its interface is also very well optimized.

An interesting fact about this emulator is that, in case you have problems with its performance, you can request information through the official Discord which you will find in its Play Store information. RetroArch Plus is a very interesting emulator with which you can relive your childhood, playing the Nintendo DS.


This emulator works like RetroArch Plus but with interesting added features

Regarding the Lemuroid emulator, you should know that it has been designed based on the previous option, which means that it is capable of emulating a lot of consoles, including the Nintendo DS, which is great news. Plus, it’s free and open source.

Among the main features that this emulator offers, we must highlight the fact that it allows you to save and restore game progress at any time, it has touch controls that are very well optimized, it has fast forward, support for external controls and many other functionalities. interesting, designed to improve the user experience.

In case you want to play with friends, you should know that it supports local multiplayer, allowing you to connect several controllers to the same device to participate in competitions for the respective games. This is an interesting option that also has no annoying ads.

What is the best Nintendo DS emulator you can download?

Now that we have reached the end of this post of the best Nintendo DS emulators for Android phones, it is time to make a decision. However, because all of these tools work great and have a ton of cool extra features, it can be hard to stick with just one. So, to help you, we will give you our suggestion.

The first thing we should point out is that it doesn’t matter if you choose another emulator from this list, as they will all deliver what they promise and will allow you to run the classic DS games on your smartphone. But if we had to choose just one, it would probably be the DraStic DS Emulator, since it is one of the most complete, although, at the same time, it is easy to use and its performance is one of the best.

For avid gamers seeking to indulge in the world of Nintendo DS on their Android devices, the process is simpler than ever. Begin by discovering the best Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android, and you’ll likely come across Citra – a powerhouse emulator that allows you to seamlessly play your favourite Nintendo DS games on your Android device.


Citra’s impressive performance and compatibility make it the go-to choice for enthusiasts. On a parallel note, for iOS users looking to join in on the fun, installing an NDS emulator on iOS 10 is a breeze. Simply navigate through the App Store, find a reliable emulator, and follow the straightforward installation process. With these steps, both Android and iOS users can unlock the nostalgic joy of playing Nintendo DS games on their mobile devices, providing a convenient and portable gaming experience wherever they go.


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