Kodi is one of the most popular Android media center applications. It’s open-source software that allows you to organize and stream all your favorite content in one place.

While Kodi is a great app on its own, it’s even better when combined with a remote control app that lets you control your media center from your Android device. We’ll look at the best Kodi remote control apps for Android in this article.

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First and important, you must configure Kodi to work properly as a remote with Android devices. This guide to setting up Android Mobile as a remote control for Kodi explains the entire process.

Once configured, you will be able to run both Yatse and Kore, which are the two applications we will look at.

Best Kodi Remote Control Apps for Android

Kore – Kodi’s Official Remote Kore is Kodi’s official remote control app. It’s a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

You can control your Kodi media center from your Android device using Kore, which includes navigation, playback, and volume control. Kore also includes a built-in keyboard for searching for your favorite media.

Kore - Kodi's Official Remote

Another well-liked remote control app for Kodi on Android is Yatse Yatse. Even though it’s a paid app, if you want advanced features, it’s well worth the money. Yatse has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it simple to manage your media center. The app offers a variety of customization options and also supports voice commands.

control app for Kodi on Android is Yatse Yatse

CetusPlay Free app CetusPlay provides more than just Kodi remote control. It’s a universal remote app that lets you manage your TV, set-top box, and other devices from a single interface. CetusPlay enables voice commands for your Kodi media player, and it also allows you to alter the button placement on your remote control.

CetusPlay Free app CetusPlay

Integrated Remote Kodi is supported by the flexible remote control app Unified Remote, which works with many different devices. With Unified Remote, you can use your Android device as both a keyboard and a mouse to operate your media center. You can design your own remote control layout using the app, which also supports custom remotes.

remote control app Unified Remote

XBMC’s official remote Another free remote control app for Kodi on Android is The Official XBMC Remote. With this straightforward and user-friendly app, you can easily manage your media center. The app includes a built-in keyboard for convenient searching, along with navigation, playback, and volume controls.

XBMC's official remote

These are only a few of the multiple Kodi remote control apps that are available. To find the app that best satisfies your needs and preferences, you can test out a variety of them.


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