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The Best Apps To Turn Photos Cartoons on Android and iOS

Photos Cartoons on Android

In this article, you will find a list of the best apps to turn photos into cartoons on Android and iOS. When you are a lover of the graphic arts and at the same time the art of storytelling, it’s normal for some content to get your attention, in this case, I Comics.

If this is your case, it is very likely that from an early age you have tried to write and draw on your own, and therefore gradually innovate in these areas. Whether you have a talent or not, It is always necessary to have good tools that improve development and learning to perform these tasks.

Here because in this article we have introduced you to the best applications to edit, retouch, and improve photos to turn them into caricatures and others to create scenarios. Some are exclusive and others are compatible with Android and iOS.

The best apps to turn photos into cartoons on Android and iOS

1. Cartoon Photo Editor: Cardboard Yourself, Art


It is one of the best applications to edit our photos and apply filters that will give our images a very funny cartoon look. It has a very nice interface where you can also take animated photos directly from it. It is available for both Android that for iOS and has excellent weighting and over 10 million installations and thousands of comments.

2. MomentCam

When creating cartoons this application is of another level, you just have to have it, have a little creativity and all the models available so that you can turn your photos into a real comic book, that you can later share with all your followers on their own a social network and compete for prizes and promotions to the best creators. This tool is available in stores Apple is Google.

3. Prisma Photo Editor

One of the best photo editing tools that offer you the most original filters and attribute settings so you can turn your shots into a true work of art. This app stands out among others for the ability to distort the geometry of the images, bringing them to the point of the abstract. In iOS, the version is one of the most complete, but it is also available in Android.

4. Cartoon Photo Editor

This is another of the best platforms to filter our images and give them a totally different look than usual. It is easy to use and can also take photos from it and edit them immediately as you wish. It meets all the necessary features, it is free and easy to find in the Play Store is the App Store.

5. Single room

Although it is a little different from the others mentioned above, with this you can create a caricature of yourself from a photograph. In addition, you can make caricatures of environments and landscapes in a more professional and refined way, which is located on the App Store is Google Play.

6. Cartoon Face Animation Creator

One of the best apps to have a lively look on the face. Has a large number of effects and functions applicable to your selfies to create a comic character from your face. It is available for Android is iOS and it is highly recommended for iPad users.

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7. Cartoon Camera

Cartoon Photo Editor

This tool is excellent for applying live effects to caricature and change all the attributes of your images, leaving them even like the pages of a comic magazine. Select an image from your gallery or take a photo with the app’s camera. It is available on Play Store is App Store.

8. Deep Art Effects

This app particularly caught our attention because of the amount and ability to create and test effects for turn your images into high definition cartoons and design artistic compositions like a professional. When you download it, you have to register with your email, so all information is immediately synchronized with your other devices and you also have the possibility to automatically share it on your social networks. Android is iOS.

9. Painnt

Turn all your favorite photos into cartoons with this fantastic image editing tool and let your creative potential flow. With it, you can give life to great artistic compositions and transform your images into comic scenes with all the originality. It is available on the Play Store is App Store and it’s a free tool.

10. Brush Stroke

It’s a wonderful photo editing tool, in which each swipe is equivalent to a brushstroke, right. With this application, you will be able to give your images a cartoon and watercolor look as never seen before. So surprise yourself and surprise others with your creations in this app on Android is iOS.

11. Photolab

It is a wonderful app to turn photos into cartoons, playing with different categories of filters, frames, and effects special to create incredible montages, which after being processed can be uploaded to your networks. It is available for Android is iOS.

These are the best apps for turning photos into cartoons on Android and iOS. You may also read: How To Download High-Quality Instagram Photos (With And Without Programs) Or Also How To Download Instagram Stories From Mobile Or PC

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