Best Apps And Maps To Find Pokémon

Although Pokémon GO has lost its initial popularity, millions of users still continue to search daily for all the creatures in their area. Just thinking about them, we, therefore, decided to list all the best online apps and maps to find the missing Pokémon within the trainers’ Pokédex.


Let’s start with the probably most popular website of its type: Pokévision. This is in fact based on the Niantic API and for this reason, it will always be updated and accurate in reporting positions. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to search for a Pokémon by name, but only to enter a location and understand which creatures are in that specific area.


Poké Radar

Now let’s move on to an application for Android-based instead of player reports. It can be downloaded via APK from any browser and once installed, you can search for your favorite Pokémon by name or area. Unfortunately, precisely because of its method of operation, some reports may, however, be bogus.

Poké Radar

Pokémon GO – Live Map

For those who want to own more complex software and above all compatible with Windows there is Pokémon GO – Live Map. This must necessarily be downloaded from GitHub (by clicking on the green “Code” button and then “Download ZIP”). Among its most interesting functions, we find: the ability to filter the contents to be displayed (gyms, Pokéstop or Pokémon), search for a Pokémon, and activate desktop notifications.

Pokémon GO - Live Map

PokéMesh – Real-time map

We close the Pokémon maps section with an application for Android smartphones. It is PokéMesh – Real-time map and offers the possibility to view a classic map, similar to that of Google Maps, with all the various Pokémon in the area inside. It can be downloaded via APK by clicking on this link.

Other useful services for Pokémon GO

In addition to those just mentioned, there are some useful services to search for gyms, Pokéstops, and to be notified when you are close to creatures available for capture.

  • For example, PokeNotify allows you to activate useful notifications to understand when you are in the presence of a Pokémon. It can be downloaded via APK on any Android smartphone by clicking on the “here” link of the Reddit post accessible by clicking here
  • Mapokemon only offers a complete map of gyms and Pokéstops which can be reached by clicking on this link
  • Very similar to PokeNotify is Notifications for Pokemon available instead via APK by clicking on this link