Strong and healthy, it is extremely important not only in order not to “nod” in the daytime but also for your whole body as a whole. Indeed, the lack of sleep affects almost all important organs and systems. Therefore, you need to know how well you sleep.

And in this, we will be helped by what everyone has at home – a smartphone, on which it is enough to install the sleep tracking application.



Your smartphone will help you get enough sleep

Best Android Sleep Tracking Apps Alarm Clock Xtreme – Wake Up Vigorous


Let the name not deceive you. Alarm Clock Xtreme is just a purely technical alarm application. However, it also comes with sleep tracking features. The idea is to help people who have problems waking up (and therefore with sleep) wake up by offering a bunch of different ways – from softly increasing the melody signal to logical tasks to mute the alarm.

The application will even analyze the quality of your sleep, if you have a fitness tracker, and will give the result the next morning.

Download: Alarm Clock Xtreme

Do I Snore or Grind – Do you snore?


But for Doing I Snore or Grind, no trackers are needed. It just gives you the opportunity to find out if you snore or grind your teeth while you sleep. The free version allows you to “take care of yourself” up to five nights. The pro version removes this limitation.

Some other features include tips on how to get rid of snoring, as well as recommendations on how to better arrange a place to sleep so as not to snore.

Download: Do I snore or grind

Google Fit – All-in-One from Google


Google Fit seems to do almost everything. It will track your activity during the day – steps, calories, and so on. But few people know that it can even track your sleep. The app is pretty easy to use. You just go to bed without setting any settings.

At the same time, there is synchronization with the most popular services like Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Sleep, and so on. And, yes, for a more complete sleep tracking, you need a fitness tracker. Google Fit also works with Android Wear devices.

Download: Google fit

PrimeNap – Carefully Studying Sleep


PrimeNap has detailed graphs, charts, and other data for analyzing sleep, and there is also the functionality of an alarm clock and even some additional things, such as a dream log, where you can record everything you dreamed about.

PrimeNap boasts a pretty good amount of options in the free version. All the most necessary functions in place. We regularly inform about such applications. So subscribe to us to keep abreast of everything that happens in the world of mobile technology.

Download: Primenap

Sleep better with runtastic


Runtastic is a pretty popular fitness app. However, there is also a version for those who like not to exercise, but to sleep. At the same time, there is also synchronization with a sports application, which will allow you to more fully monitor your health indicators.

Among other things, there is a sleep timer that will play you the accepted tunes before bedtime, and even the ability to track caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Download: Sleep better with runtastic