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Baldur’s Gate 3 Blighted Village Walkthrough

The Corrupted Village, an initial hostile area in Baldur’s Gate 3, is a goblin fortress situated west of Emerald Grove and east of the goblin camp. Guided by formidable leaders, the goblins have extended their influence eastward, aided by ogres.

Numerous activities and quests await within the Blighted Village, some significantly influencing your character’s development. Given that this is among the first wilderness areas you’ll explore, our guide ensures you don’t overlook any crucial elements by covering all critical activities in the Blighted Village.

Blighted Village location in BG3

Blighted Village location in BG3

The Corrupted Village lies west of Druid Grove, with its entrance coordinates at (X: 125, Y: 445). This highly hostile area is brimming with goblins. For a peaceful entry into the Blighted Village, creating a Drow character is advisable. This choice grants a hassle-free pass, courtesy of the shared Drow affiliation with one of the goblin leaders, Minthara.

Alternatively, navigate the area cautiously, steering clear of confrontations, and aim for successful persuasion when faced with potential conflicts. Engaging in battles against malevolent goblins can yield valuable XP and items if you’re confident in your combat abilities.


List of things to do in Baldur’s Gate 3 Blighted Village

Below is a list of all your activities in Blighted Village.

Jump to

  • Search the Cellar (Quest)
  • Solve the puzzle with the decorated mirror
  • Save the Gnome (Quest)
  • Deal with Aunt Ethel (Quest)
  • Find an Entrance to the Underworld (Exploration)
  • Acquire Lump’s Horn (Item)
  • Acquire “Find the Masterpiece Weapon” (Quest).
  • Kill or spare Buthir in the barn (NPC interaction)

Search the basement

The “Search the Basement” quest in BG3 becomes available in a damaged house in the Blighted Village. What adds excitement to this quest is its intriguing final reward. Upon discovering the Dark Diary in the basement, triggered by pulling a lever, the quest initiates automatically. Follow the instructions provided to unlock the path leading to the ornate mirror.

To progress, strike the mirror with strength to access a more profound laboratory. Locate the Rusted Key to unlock a secured room, revealing the Book of Necromancy of Thay. This tom can be opened with a dark amethyst, granting you access to a spell that facilitates communication with the deceased, allowing you to uncover their secrets.

Solve the puzzle with the decorated mirror.

The Ornate Mirror puzzle is integral to the significant quest titled “Search the Cellar.” This sentient being in BG3 is concealed beneath the basement of the Apothecary House in the Corrupted Village. You’ll face a series of questions once you reach the mirror with the Dark Diary in hand.

When prompted, disclose your name and agree to serve its master. Label Szass Tam as a villain, imparting your medical knowledge by stating that balm can cleanse wounds. Ensure you express disdain for the worm in your head. This sequence causes the mirror to vanish, bringing you one step closer to your objective.

Free the gnome

The quest “Save the Gnome” unfolds in the northern section of the Corrupted Village, close to the windmill. A gnome is shackled to the windmill’s door, guarded by goblins. Your options include befriending the goblin leader Frezzer or engaging in combat to eliminate all the goblins.

After resolving the goblin situation, locate an entry into the windmill. Halt the windmill by either stopping or destroying its gears. You’re prepared to liberate the gnome from their restraints with this accomplished.

Take care of Aunt Ethel.

The quest “Take Care of Aunt Ethel” initiates outside the Blighted Village in BG3 but ultimately directs you to her teahouse within the village. Aunt Ethel, a manipulative witch, exerts influence over numerous individuals, including Mayrina. Your task is to liberate Mayrina from Aunt Ethel’s control and empower her with the ability to resurrect her deceased husband.

Aunt Ethel is a formidable boss early in the game, and we strongly advise following our guide to ensure success in defeating her. Additionally, her house in the Blighted Village serves as an entry point to the Underdark.

Underdark Entrance Location

Upon successfully defeating Aunt Ethel in her teahouse, perform a Perception check in the fireplace. This reveals an artificial wall, enabling you to descend to a waterfall. Utilize your jump ability to continue downward until you encounter a green portal. This portal serves as an entry point to the Underdark area of the game.

Alternatively, the well in the Blighted Village can also transport you to the Underdark, albeit requiring you to confront the Spider Matriarch phase.

Acquire Lump’s Horn

Lump, an ogre residing in the Blighted Village area of BG3 at coordinates (X: 15, Y: 375), can be located alongside two other ogres enjoying a feast. Upon interaction, Lump will demand proof of the Mark of the Absolute.

Roll a successful Deception check and then choose between paying him 500 gold or employing Persuasion to obtain Lump’s Horn. This unique item allows you to summon Lump to assist you in any combat scenario. Lump and his gang inflict substantial damage to enemies. However, using the horn again requires an additional payment of 500 gold. It’s worth noting that Lump operates as a real blackmailer in BG3.

Complete the Masterwork Weapon

Completing the Masterwork Weapon quest in the Blighted Village requires a specific sequence. To initiate the quest, acquire Highcliff’s Journal, found within a house in the Blighted Village. Upon reading the diary, employ a torch or a fire spell to burn the spider web within the house, revealing a new path leading to the Blueprint.

After obtaining the blueprint, venture to the Underdark area of the game to procure Sussur Bark. Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, you can forge one of three weapons: the Sussur Dagger, Sussur Sickle, or Sussur Greatsword upon quest completion.

Kill or spare Buthir.

In a barn north of Blighted Village, an embarrassing and dangerous situation unfolds as Buthir, a man-eater, engages in intimate relations with an owlbear, leading to a potentially bloody confrontation if discovered.

To avoid this fight, you have two options: employ the skills of a bard to uplift their spirits or rely on a barbarian to shame them into submission. However, if the roll fails, prepare for combat and eliminate both adversaries.

These activities summarize the main events in the Blighted Village area of BG3.

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