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Baldur’s Gate 3 best level 6 spells for everyone

At the heart of Baldur’s Gate 3 lies the captivating element of magic enhancing players’ gaming experience. The game allows players to manifest theoretical magical knowledge into tangible action through spells. From introductory level cantrips to the most formidable level 6 attacks, these magical abilities add depth to the gameplay of Baldur’s Gate 3.

While every class in Baldur’s Gate 3 has the potential to harness spells based on their unique abilities and class constraints, specific types have a stronger affinity for spellcasting, making them more adept at magic. Each episode in BG3 demands a spell slot and an action to cast, except cantrips.

Baldur's Gate 3 best level 6 spells

As the most potent spells, Level 6 enchantments are accessible across all classes but require using the highest-level spell slots. Gaining access to Level 6 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 could be challenging, achieved only after significant gaming progression. When a player obtains these spells, they would most likely have mastered their class or reached their character’s level limit.

Best Level 6 Spells for Bards

Bards employ their musical abilities—singing or playing instruments—to weave spells. Their role within the party is multifaceted, offering crucial support and even stepping into the front lines during dire scenarios. Leveraging their Charisma skill score, bards boost their spellcasting prowess and can expertly deceive or persuade characters as the circumstances dictate.

Eye Bite

Eye Bite is a potent level-six spell originating from the necromancy school of magic, enabling you to instill fear, inflict illness, or even induce sleep with a mere gaze.

Find the Way

A level six spell falling under the divination school of magic, Find the Way grants you the ability to discern the shortest and most efficient path to any desired destination, facilitating early quest completion and more straightforward navigation to dungeons, towns, and lakes.

Guards and Wards

Guards and Wards is a spell designed to fortify your 50-foot square fortress with a protective ward, ensuring its defense. Additionally, you have the option to set a password, rendering individuals immune to its effects.


Mass Proposal

Mass Proposal is an enhanced version of the lower level two spell, Suggestion, belonging to the enchantment school of magic. By employing this level six hex, you can compel up to 12 targets to undergo a Wisdom saving throw, resulting in them obediently following your suggested course of action.

Top Level 6 Spells for Clerics

Clerics channel magic received through devotion or prayer to various deities, with their spells often reflecting the characteristics of their divine source. Although clerics are not renowned for their physical damage dealing, this aligns well with their supportive role.

Blade Barrier

Blade Barrier, a level 6 spell from the Evocation School of Magic, puts a vortex of blade-like walls around you upon casting. Any enemy daring to breach these barriers suffers 6d10 slashing damage.


This spell, stemming from the Abjuration School of Magic, fortifies your defense against magical teleportation. Furthermore, it can be targeted to deal damage to selected enemy types during casting, be they Celestials, Fairies, or Undead.


An effective healing spell from the School of Evocation, Heal, enables creatures to restore 70 hit points (hp) and cure conditions like blindness, deafness, and disease.

Hero’s Feast

Originating from the Conjuration School of Magic, the Hero’s Feast provides a magical banquet for up to 12 attendees. This healing spell cures diseases, grants poison immunity, and enhances each participant’s HP by 2d10 for 23 hours.

Top Level 6 Spells for Druids

Druids are living symbols of nature’s fortitude, drawing the power for their spells from natural forces and occasionally utilizing animals. Primarily functioning as healers or support, Druids typically use bits that capitalize on their Wisdom score, their primary ability.

Summon Fey

A spell from the Conjuration School of Magic, Summon Fey allows the caster to summon a Fey creature of challenge level 6 or lower. The creature obeys the caster’s verbal commands and interacts amicably with the team.


Move Earth

Move Earth, a Transmutation School spell, enables you to fashion shapes from EEarth, sand, or even clay to your benefit. However, it cannot manipulate natural stone or stone structures.

Transport via Plants

This Conjuration spell is a robust addition to the arsenal of level 6 bits for Druids. It facilitates your transportation between plants within a 5-foot radius.

Wall of Thorns

Also, from the Conjuration School of Magic, the Wall of Thorns encircles you with a wall of thorny bushes. This ten-foot-high, sixty-foot-long, and five-foot-thick barricade hinders enemy movement and inflicts piercing damage upon intruders.

Top Level 6 Spells for Wizards

Wizards excel at long-range spells, making them formidable support classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. Alongside their impressive array of attack spells, they possess innate magical abilities, bypassing the need for years of study and intense meditation.

Circle of Death

Originating from the School of Necromancy, the Circle of Death spell enables you to create a sphere of entropic energy around a creature. This energy devastates both the target and surrounding creatures.


A potent level 6 spell from the School of Transmutation, Disintegrate, casts a narrow green beam from your finger, reducing the target to dust. Additionally, it may destroy some or all items the unfortunate victim carries.

Arcane Gate

A level 6 spell from the School of Conjuration, Arcane Gate is an enhanced version of the level 2 Arcane Lock spell. This spell generates two teleportation portals that remain active for ten rounds.

Globe of Invulnerability

The Globe of Invulnerability is a potent abjuration spell that creates a protective barrier, rendering you and all creatures within it immune to any damage.


Best Level 6 Spells for Warlocks

Warlocks excel at dealing damage through offensive spells, drawing power from their pacts, and proving formidable in close-quarters and ranged combat. While their cantrips are invaluable, their level 6 bits offer unique utility and support. Here are our top picks for level 6 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 for Warlocks.

True Seeing

True Seeing is a valuable utility spell within the divination school of magic. By casting this spell, your target gains the ability to perceive hidden magical doors and see into the ethereal plane.

Create Undead

Create Undead is a powerful 6th-level spell from the Necromancy school. When cast, you can raise a single corpse as a formidable mummy, protecting and aiding you in battle.

Eye Bite

From the School of Necromancy, Eye Bite adds to the Warlock’s level 6 spell repertoire. With this spell, you can induce sickness, fear, or sleep upon enemies with your gaze. Notably, concentrating on this spell does not consume a spell slot.

Summon Fey

A level 6 spell from the School of Conjuration, Summon Fey empowers your character to summon a Fey creature of challenge level 6 or lower. This creature obeys your verbal instructions and interacts amicably with you and the party.

Top Level 6 Spells for Wizards

Renowned for their arcane prowess, Wizards dedicate their lifetimes mastering magical abilities, cementing their roles as primary spell-casters within their groups. The utterance of their spells can transform living beings to dust, tipping the scales of battle in your favor.

Flesh to Stone

Derived from the School of Transmutation, Flesh to Stone is a potent spell that hardens the target’s flesh upon cast, impeding their movement for three turns and making them susceptible to your attacks.

Wall of Ice

Originating from the School of Evocation, this level 6 spell conjures a formidable wall of ice, dealing cold damage to anything it encounters. Once depleted, it leaves a chilling trail of frosty air, inflicting cold damage on enemies each round.


Otto’s Irresistible Dance

A level 6 spell from the School of Enchantment, Otto’s Irresistible Dance, compels the target to dance uncontrollably. This effect can render them incapacitated in combat, allowing the caster advantage on attack rolls while giving the target a disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws.

Magic Jar

Hailing from the School of Necromancy, Magic Jar grants the ability to project one’s soul into an urn, allowing later to return to their original form or inhabit another humanoid creature.


A level 6 spell from the School of Evocation, Sunbeam emits a dazzling radiance that blinds all creatures. Should its effects persist, the period can be recast without expending an additional spell slot.


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