Atom Launcher is a fully customizable Android 4.0 Launcher

Atom Launcher 1.5.1 for Android

Atom Launcher 1.5.1 for Android

Atom Launcher is a fully customizable Android 4.0 Launcher for your smartphone. Launcher offers exclusive widgets, clock, notes, calendar, contacts, and Swith Widget. optimized Experience new ICS launcher if you have a version of ICS Android phone. Not “Miss Atom-shop! You can see the beautiful art threads which cooperate with well-known artists

Atom Launcher 1.5.1 for Android Launcher Features

Exclusive Widgets: clock, notes, calendar, contacts, switch and Search Bar
Gestures: Simple use with a pinch double Touching, sliding, long touching.
Smart Folders: Available add folders for all applications and the home screen, flexible size
Dock Bar: Available to put no more than 20 applications for the docking bar, the emotional effect of the filter, various switching to Screen, Opacity Control
Multiple wallpapers: Offering a variety of wallpaper in one package, 3 min to a maximum of 24
Available for modification by changing the settings of the Color: Available to change the color for the widgets, menus, guide, or icons
Live Background: Changes in long-winded background with dynamic background
A wide range of support Subject: Wide range of subject support Atom Launcher, as well as existing SSKIN and GO Launcher theme
Features Launcher

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High quality: Launcher for Ice Cream Sandwich / Jellybean (with Android ICS / JB 4.0.2)
Light & Easy: Offer Select Options on the light and easy start-up
Stylish: Stylish interface with the background, icons and points of color
Smart: Optimized themes for ICS, automatically maintaining the existing run, such as the SSKIN and Go Launcher
Fun: Offers fun interactive topic in different backgrounds, vibrant backgrounds and widgets in the ICS
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