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The truth is that when we want to study, the ideal formula is to summarize the texts, make diagrams and distribute the syllabus. However, the educational system does not give us the adequate tools to do it correctly, for which they would have to put more emphasis on study techniques. They simply give us an agenda that on many occasions we do not know how to address, and then we must show our knowledge in the exams. This is the most widespread way in the world, although it is not the most suitable to improve learning. Therefore, with these applications, you can study more simply.

What do these apps use to keep out important information?

It must be said that we do not have many options to summarize texts on our mobile, at least if we talk about applications. Be that as it may, the modus operandi of these tools varies in all cases, although their objective is to show the main ideas and from there develop the entire agenda. To do this, we can select the keywords of the texts, select the most important paragraphs and organize the ideas appropriately. Some even show us the parts that have been summarized or eliminated, as well as establish the extension that we want to make the agenda. Of course, we should not completely trust their criteria, since there may be fragments that they do not consider important but that really is.

Text Summary – The easiest and most comfortable to use

text summaryWe start with Text Summary, a free application that allows us to summarize texts quickly and easily. It is ideal for extracting the most important information from any text automatically, and it will save you a lot of time. You can use it to synthesize fragments of all sizes, from web pages and even photographs. All we have to do is enter the information, set the maximum extension we want, and in a matter of a few seconds, it will have been synthesized. It supports pdf, EPUB, Docx files, and many more, all through an easy and intuitive interface. When you’re done, you can read it with your reader and share it with whoever you want.

Text Summary and Analysis – AI-Based Efficiency

summary and analysis of texts

Although it does not have too many downloads on Google Play, the truth is that its operation is quite effective. First of all, this app is based on artificial intelligence, which will guarantee optimal results. With it, we can extract and analyze the important parts of all texts. We can copy and paste the information directly, as well as paste the URLs of websites or take photos of the documents, even if they are at hand. It will be able to recognize all kinds of texts, as long as they are legible. You will be able to modify the extension of the summary and with its function of highlights, it will automatically detect main ideas and keywords.

LK Summarizer – Ideal if you like to get to the point

lk summarizer
This tool allows us to synthesize all the information of any text in a few lines. The same is not the ideal application for the most demanding, but the truth is that it fulfills its task correctly. You can copy the text or enter the web links to summarize the content immediately. You will also decide the size of this, being able to choose between 5% and 50% of the total. It is designed for all types of users, from students to teachers and communication professionals. It is available in Spanish, Galician, Portuguese, and English. Among its functions, it has Linguakit, a web platform integrated by a package of linguistic tools for the analysis and extraction of texts in different languages.

Any Book Summary

Reading books is one of the most recommended activities to expand our knowledge, as well as being a form of relaxation and disconnection from our day-to-day. The truth is that sometimes we lack time, so this application can be of great help. With Any Book Summary, you can easily extract the main ideas from any book in less than 10 minutes. These are presented in bullets to make retention easier. The summary is done efficiently and quickly, so you will no longer have excuses to devour the best titles. It is available in English, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, and you can use it offline to read the summaries later.

SUMMY – The best option for online articles


This application is optimized for news, articles, and reports on the web. If you want to be informed at all times but you do not have enough time, SUMMY creates summaries of all types of documents. Like the previous ones, also write or paste the text to synthesize the most important content, as well as enter the URLs of your favorite web pages. Then you can set the length of the text easily and finally, you can share them by messages, email, or by your favorite applications. Also, use an algorithm custom that is capable of translating in any language.

Summarizer and Paraphraser – Solve doubts with your database

In addition to summarizing texts automatically and quickly and selecting the most important parts, it allows us to paraphrase and organize the text to make it easier for us to study. Based on AI, it uses language processing to locate the most important points even before making the synthesis. It is completely free and has no word limit. Its main function is the Student-Bot. This can help us to solve all the doubts that arise while we study. Basically, it is an internal database that contains links, books, and documents to find answers to all our questions.

Sumit! Text Summarization – The simplest but effective at the same time


And we end the list with an app that despite having a simple interface, will summarize any text in a few seconds. It is intended for those who are more reluctant to read and uses an algorithm that extracts sentences and key phrases from the information to create a bulleted summary. You can share by email, messages, and your favorite social networks. The point against this tool is that it cannot summarize the URLs of documents from Google drive, although in the future they hope to incorporate this function.

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