Best Apps To Share Location

Surely it has happened to you that, for some reason, you need to give your exact address and you do not even know where to start. Fortunately, technology is there to provide us with solutions.

In most cases, to share our location, just send the address through WhatsApp chat, displaying the menu in the text bar and selecting the “Location” option. But apart from that, have you ever wondered what else you can do with your mobile’s GPS? We do, that’s why we have selected the best applications to share your location for free on Android. You will surely be surprised by everything you can do with this so wasted function.

The 5 best apps to share your location on Android

This selection not only takes into account the applications with the best ratings or number of downloads, but we have also selected only the apps capable of meeting a particular need.

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So, as you will see below, there are applications that are designed to maintain communication with family and friends, others are perfect for hiking and others will help you feel more secure in the event of an accident or unexpected event.

Google Maps

Of course, we could not start this list without talking about the most important geolocation application on Android, Google Maps, which not long ago received an important update in which, among other things, it changed the design and name of the app, for what from now on will be known simply as Maps.

But apart from these changes, the essence of Google Maps remains the same, being a very complete application with which you can navigate in the car, receive real-time traffic information, discover places near you, recommend places you have already visited, navigate offline, see the inside of prominent places without having to leave home … And that’s not all, you can also share your location with family and friends. To do this, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Open Google Maps and click the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.
  • Choose the option to share your location.
  • Click on the option to add people, it is also in the upper right corner.
  • After selecting which contacts you want to share your location with, you can choose how long you want it to be shared, either an hour or until you deactivate that option.
  • Done, you can already keep your family and friends informed of where you are.

This option is very useful if you want to meet friends or if you want to know precisely where your children are, for example. And apart from that, since Google Maps comes pre-installed on Android phones (except for the latest Huawei models), you probably don’t have to download it. Still, here below we leave you the download button so you can confirm for yourself if you already have the latest version and with all the new functions.

Maps – Navigation and public transport

Search friends

Search friends

The Search for Friends application leaves little to the imagination its name says it all, it serves to keep in touch with friends or family. It works as a kind of closed social network, quite interesting.

In it, you can share your location with the rest of the friends who are part of the group. You can also find out where your friends are or what route they have taken. Of course, it would not be a social network if you could not communicate, so it includes a chat and the most interesting thing is that you can also share information about places of interest such as restaurants, shops, and others.

And to keep family members communicated, it does not matter if someone uses iOS or does not have a smartphone, just by having GPS and accepting the invitation link they can automatically be part of the network and know where everyone is.

Of course, Find Friends is not an application to use with anyone, only with very close and trusted family or friends, so we could say that it is not intended to be a large social network. Instead, it seeks to create a closed and secure network in which you can share interesting information with your loved ones, all of this focused on geolocation.

Search friends

A-GPS Tracker

A-GPS Tracker

A-GPS Tracker does a lot of what we have mentioned so far but its strength is in marking routes. So, if you like hiking, this application is for you. To be more exact, A-GPS Tracker uses the assistant of your GPS and save the route you are taking, even if the phone is in standby.

In addition to marking the routes, you can save them and repeat them back, so you don’t get lost. Then, you can pass them to another device, share them, or use them whenever you want, since the files are saved in GPX format.

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Among the information, it collects is not only the route but the latitude and longitude, which are reflected both in degrees and in UTM-WSG84, the time it has taken, the ascent and/or descent during the journey … And if you are following a route previously defined, it has the alarm function to warn you if you stray from the road.

As you can see, it is super useful and can in many cases replace the functions of a professional GPS, so doing simple tours is more than good. And even if you don’t do frequent hiking, the A-GPS Tracker can still be used to set routes for little-known paths and thus avoid getting lost on the way back home.

A-GPS Tracker

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Glympse is another application for sharing your location in real-time that has a very good rating and user ratings in the comments. In addition to that, it has the editors’ selection stamp, which speaks highly of its quality.

Glympse serves to let other people know where you are in real-time, which, according to the developers of the application, can be used both to maintain contact between family members, friends, and work teams. The key for Glympse to be part of this selection is that it can be very useful to know the location of those coworkers who are always late, more than enough incentive to promote punctuality.

On the other hand, Glympse also allows you to track locations through its website, so you do not always need to charge your mobile, especially if you are at work. Also, it can serve to coordinate family gatherings and ensure that everyone is on time. But, there are other things that Glympse can be very useful for, such as meeting friends in places where many people gather. Let’s say, for example, a concert. Which is currently impossible due to social distancing but that eventually could be very useful for you.

Glympse: Share your location


Life360 is another application with the editors’ selection seal, it has more than a million ratings and 50 million downloads. With it, you can share your location in real-time but the interesting thing about this app is that it is mainly developed for security.

The most interesting functions of this app are to maintain a location history for two days and two alert places to know when a person enters and leaves a place such as a school, work, or home. Apart from this, Life360 can save your life against a traffic accident with the automatic crash detector, being able to send an emergency message automatically, so that the authorities can respond faster.

The only downside to Life360 is that it is not free. To take advantage of the most advanced features such as 24/7 technical support, you will have to choose between the three plans it offers: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Although the free version will likely be more than enough. If any of the plans catch your eyeLife360 offers you a 7-day free trial. And if you want to know more about these plans, do not hesitate to visit their Google Play page, following the download button.

Life360 – Family and Mobile Locator

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What has been your favorite application to use the mobile’s GPS?

After seeing this selection, which application did you like the most? The interesting thing is that each one has a strong point, so you might like one more than the others, but it can also happen that you find more than one userwhy not? For example, Search Friends would be perfect to maintain communication with your closest friends differently and entertainingly, while A-GPS Tracker can be of great help if you go hiking on weekends.

On the other hand, do you think we have skipped an interesting application to share the location on Android? While it is true that this selection has the best applications in its category, we must also recognize that some very outstanding ones have been left out due to the similarity they share with them. However, if from your experience you think that one, in particular, deserves to be mentioned, do not hesitate to tell us, we will gladly answer you.

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