APPLIST Store v1.0 Build 288 For Nokia Symbian Phones

APPLIST Store v1.0 Build 288

Build 288 , which compared to the previous (build 285) brings OE following new features:

  • Optimizing localization of functions and categories
  • Adding the category “Education”
  • Added a message when a search fails or there are no results
  • Now the links are opened in the default web browser of the device
  • Adding updated Spanish translation and other languages
  • various bug fixes

APPLIST , remember, is a new store for downloading app compatible with Symbian devices of last generation that was born as an alternative to closing the Nokia Store and inside we find a careful selection of more and more applications, both free and paid ( for which we will be redirected to the relevant page of the Nokia Store to purchase them).

The new version is reported automatically to the simple opening of the application , then just go along the process of updating and going to overwrite the previous installation without any problems. Alternatively, for those who have not already installed, the updated file is available for free directly from APPLIST or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the article.

Who may be willing to support the project and to thank in a tangible way the German developer Sebastian (schumi1331) for the excellent work, can do so by making a donation on the project website .[divider]

APPLIST Store (18.2 KiB, 377 downloads)