Apple warns of iPhone 5 updateApple is warning users of iPhone 5 smartphones that they need to upgrade firmware to iOS 10.3.4. The other day, users of the iPhone 5, introduced 7 years ago, began to receive full-screen warnings that, if the software is not updated in a timely manner, the devices will lose their basic online functions, including browsing the web, as well as access to email, App Store and iCloud.

Apple explains that the need for updating is associated with a reset of GPS counters that occurred on the night of April 6 to 7, and affecting functions that require the correct date and time to work correctly.

Apple also notes that the problem concerns a small number of users since according to data relevant on October 15, only 9% of the company’s devices are running iOS below version iOS 12. Moreover, only 2% of them are older than four years.