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Get Apple Music at SUPER discounted prices, almost free

Apple Music at SUPER discounted

in this guide, we are going to see the easiest, fastest, and most comfortable way to get an Apple Music subscription while saving a lot of money!

That’s right: many are looking for it, but few find it, yet the way to save on an Apple Music subscription exists, and using it is much easier than you might think.

Without getting lost in small talk, let’s see now how to save a lot of money on an Apple Music subscription!

How to get Apple Music at SUPER discounted prices, almost free

The easiest way to save on Apple Music is to buy a shared subscription, that is, one of those bought from large sites that buy huge amounts of accounts at favorable prices and then manage to resell to thousands of users at super low prices.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many sites that allow you to buy shared and discounted Apple Music accounts, but I found one that is truly spectacular (and that I have been using for months). Here is the address:

>>>>> https://www.gamsgo.com/#/?sid=440382

Using this portal to get a discounted Apple Music subscription is very easy :

  • go to the site
  • you register
  • choose the subscription to Apple Music among the many proposed: you can choose the one from 6 months to 11 € or from 12 months to 17 €
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choose the subscription to Apple Music

  • pay for the subscription ( it does not renew automatically, you have to renew it when it expires )
  • after payment, you will be sent your Apple Music access data (username and password)
  • received the access data, you can use your Apple Music account as you normally do, with the difference that in this case, you paid very little for it!

Few steps to get an Apple Music subscription at a NEVER SEEN price.


You will need to log in to Apple Music using the username and password that was sent to you. You will NOT be able to change them for any reason! It is the only “limit” of this system of shared accounts, represented by the fact that you cannot use your own account, but you must use the one provided by the site.

Is this site for having discounted Apple Music reliable?

Absolutely yes.

I have been using it personally for months and am SUPER satisfied. It saves me a lot of money, works perfectly, and gives me everything I need.


If you have any problems or a non-functioning account, simply contact support who will help you quickly get your account back up and running. As I said, I have been using this site for months and have never had any problems whatsoever.

How much will you save with this discounted Apple Music subscription?

It saves a lot.

My subscription costs $ 1.84 a month, compared to $ 10 for the regular Apple Music monthly subscription.

The savings seem obvious to me, right?

Alternative sites to buy shared and discounted Apple Music accounts

If by chance the site I have reported to you does not work or is not to your liking, you can try to buy a shared and discounted subscription to Apple Music using one of these two alternative portals:


They work in a practically identical way to the portal I reported to you: you register, choose the service, pay, and start using your account, always with shared access data.

But is it legal?

Absolutely yes. As anticipated, this portal that sells shared accounts does nothing illegal.

The site has simply bought many Premium accounts that provide access to various users. He does nothing but resell these logins to other users, thus sharing the accounts, just like other sites that sell shared subscriptions to Spotify, DAZN, Tidal, Disney + and the like do.

Can you get free Apple Music?

No. There is no way to get Apple Music for free, but with this guide, you can get it for very little, it will be almost like having it for free.

Does Apple Music Cracked Exist?

No, there is currently no possibility to use cracked Apple Music.


The only way to get Apple Music almost for free is to use the service that I indicated in the guide, which allows you to have a subscription at really super low, discounted, and affordable prices.

It will almost be like having Apple Music for free!

Doubts or questions?

Leave a comment at the end of the article, and I will reply as soon as possible.


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