Apple AirTags will work with Android phones

Apple AirTags

Apple finally unveiled its long-awaited tracker competitor Tile at its big event yesterday, and AirTags seems like a good candidate. For $ 29 you can make sure you never lose your keys again, and if you have more money than common sense, there are also some options for Herm├Ęs straps that are a bit too expensive. Although you might think that they only work with iPhones, in reality, it is not quite so.

According to Apple’s support page, any phone with an NFC chip will be able to read an AirTag’s lost mode message, including those that run on Android. So if you come across a misplaced AirTag, all you have to do is tap your phone against the white side of it and notification should appear that takes you to a web page. It will contain information about the owner so that you can contact the owner and return the AirTag along with any important items to which it is attached.

Since AirTags are designed to make a sound when separated from their owner, you may come across one after hearing its beeps. If the device has not yet been marked as lost, it may not say any information about the owner, so you will have to keep it until it does.

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