Android Wifi Inspector: Find out if someone else in your Wi-Fi

By | Saturday, Aug 10 2013 7:58AM

Wifi Inspector is a very simple to use. Thanks to it we can find out what devices are connectedthrough wired and wirelessly to our router. This leaves us access even to all data for each device connected: IP address, manufacturer, device name, MacAdress, etc. . Besides, it also allows us to create a list of known devices . Thus, further analysis of our network, we will have to go checking what the intruders and which not

The interface is simple and intuitive, in a few steps do you need to see all the information that the application provides. It is also very quick. In my case it took no more than 20 seconds to do the analysis , and allowed me to easily see all devices connected to my network.

Although there are clear alternatives consolidated Wifi Inspector left me dissappointed . It is relatively new, and that is the reason that has brought you here.

Wifi Inspector is completely free and is available

for devices with Android 2.3 on wards .