With Emergency Landing you feel like a real pilot. Face the most dangerous weather conditions and take your passengers safely to their destination. Your only goal is to land safely. This game is easy to play but hard to master!

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What will achieve?

• Handle your device like a real flight console.

• Vary the power and aircraft instrumentation used to maintain a constant airspeed and descent angle comfortable.

• Progress through a variety of levels difficulty and improve your ranking to become a professional pilot.

• Battle the harshest weather conditions: heavy rain, fog, high winds, turbulence and night landings.

• Manages severe faults in the apparatus: flaps, train and motor.

• 5 environments worldwide breathtaking countryside, desert, coast, city and tropical islands.

• 4 types of surfaces: runway, highway, land and water.

• 40 missions and additional quests that are published monthly.

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