Android 12 will allow third-party stores to update apps without displaying security alerts

The world of stores is somewhat tense on the issue of monopoly. Although as a user you may not know it, Google Play takes a commission from all app sales and in-app purchases. This, coupled with the fact that it is the most popular store, creates a problem for developers who see their profits diminish. The alternative stores, increasingly popular, are barriers to function with the same “power” that Google gives Google Play, however, now one of these barriers will be less harsh.

If we wanted to set up our own app store for Android, we would run into a multitude of problems. The main one is that, without ROOT, that is, without total control over the device, the same measures designed to protect the user will prevent us from operating with the ease of Google, with a multitude of alert windows appearing. The main cause of this is that for all the apps that do not come with the device and have “higher” permissions, installing an application is still installing an APK file from “Unknown sources”. As if the user himself and not the store were the ones who installed the application.

How does Android 12 fix the problem?

Android 12 will allow third-party stores to update apps without displaying security alerts

What Android 12 proposes, without going into details of the technical part, is a new series of permissions that, under the correct conditions, allow an application to be updated without the user having to approve it. There are many factors to take into account that have to be given for this to happen but in reality, it only solves half of the problem. The new permission only bypasses the dialog box when updating the installed application, but the dialog box to install said app the first time will continue to appear.


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