Android 10 ColorOS 7


A week after it was announced in China, Oppo ColorOS 7 officially debuted. Reno and Reno 10x zoom are the first devices to receive an update starting yesterday, and we have a list of all devices that plan to receive the latest ColorOS. Oppo currently serves over 300 million users in 140 countries and supports 80 languages.

Android 10 ColorOS 7 1

The seventh iteration of ColorOS provides a lighter user interface with faster application launch speeds, improved dark mode, and new camera features.

Visually, the interface has been updated with softer colors and lighter iconography. Oppo also tuned animation and system sound for a more streamlined approach. Dark mode now extends to the entire system and can be automatically scheduled.

Oppo First UI First’s optimization goals are aimed at accelerating the experience of the interface and providing a more efficient allocation of resources, including better memory management and revised touch response. The camera department gets a new image processing algorithm and Sloop video editor. Oppo also released a preliminary list of devices suitable for ColorOS 7, which you can check below.

ColorOS 7 update schedule

  • Stage 1 (November 26, 2019)
    • Oppo reno
    • Reno 10x zoom
  • Stage 2 (December 2019)
    • Oppo reno 2
    • Oppo f11
    • Oppo f11 pro
  • Stage 3 (Q1, 2020)
    • Oppo reno 2 z
    • Oppo Reno 2 F
    • Reno z
    • Oppo Find X (all versions)
    • Oppo r17
    • Oppo r17 pro
    • Oppo RX17 Pro
    • Oppo A9
  • Stage 4 (Q2, 2020)
    • Oppo r15
    • Oppo r15 pro
    • Oppo K3
    • Oppo f7
    • Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)
    • Oppo A9 (2020)
    • Oppo A5 (2020)