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Mobile phones are no longer devices that we only use to call and send messages. We now use phones every day to wake up in the morning to an alarm, set reminders, find answers to our questions, and much more. And thanks to virtual assistants, all these tasks are easier to perform. Google Assistant is the default assistant for Android phones and it must be admitted that it is the best due to the large number of things it can do as it is 100% integrated into the system.

However, many people prefer not to use it because Google has been known to use its assistant to collect even more data from its users. This is supposed to be done to improve and personalize their speech recognition technology, but if you don’t take their word for it, it’s time to switch assistants.

Alexa, the Amazon assistant that dominates the world you can also have it on your Android

Amazon assistant

Alexa has become the favorite assistant of many households, mainly because it comes integrated into the excellent Amazon Echo speakers. What some do not know is that Alexa is also available on Android so you can enjoy its services on your mobile. If you already use Alexa on an Amazon Echo or another device, once you install it on your mobile, it will be incorporated into your life quickly and easily. You will only need to log in with your Amazon account in the Alexa app to synchronize everything and that’s it.

You can use it to control your home devices by voice (if they have support for Alexa), organize your day-to-day, play music, search for things on the Internet, among other things. Here’s a tutorial on how to set up Alexa as your voice assistant on Android in case you need help. And by the way, we leave you 10 interesting skills that you should add to your Alexa. Without a doubt, Alexa is the best assistant for you if you are already a customer or are part of the Amazon ecosystem of products and services.

Amazon Alexa

Now, changing the assistant of a multinational for that of another large company that collects data worldwide may not be what you were looking for. In that case, look at the following 4 options.


Extreme, the voice assistant that takes care of your privacy


Extreme is another excellent assistant for Android that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you with your daily tasks. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it is focused on protecting your privacy. All your conversations and questions to Extreme are never seen or shared with anyone other than you. Also, when you decide to uninstall the app, all the data you’ve shared with Extreme will be automatically deleted.

What can you do with Extreme? Ask him to take a selfie, look up directions, set timers, and alarms, or answer something on the Internet. In short, it has all the functions that you could expect from a personal assistant for Android. It is in Spanish, although its interface is not 100% translated yet. Luckily, it’s an easy-to-use and intuitive wizard, so give it a try. And it has a Lite version for slow mobiles!

Extreme- Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme Go- Personal Voice Assistant

DataBot IA, a fun voice assistant to show off to your friends

DataBot IA

If you want a very stylish virtual assistant, DataBot IA is your best option. This assistant is literally a robot with futuristic aesthetics and options that talk to you to help you with whatever you need . The truth is that it looks great on your phone and is perfect for showing off. Of course, it does not do anything out of the ordinary. It can answer your questions by searching for them on Google, make multimedia slides, read you the daily horoscope, among other things.

Furthermore, DataBot is capable of telling you jokes, dating you, playing puzzle games with you, and solving puzzles. Without a doubt, it is the most fun voice assistant that you can install on your Android.


Hound, as powerful and good as Google Assistant


Hound is surely the best virtual assistant that exists if we do not consider those of the big companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple). It allows you to search for answers to your questions by voice and performs all the functions of a quality personal assistant: set alarms and reminders, set timers, inform you of the news or the weather, call and send text messages to your contacts, etc.

It even has advanced features like finding 4-star restaurants or closer to you. Hound can also tell you the name of a song just by listening to it, tell you random trivia, and can even book an Uber for you. Not being from a large company, is actually very powerful. The only bad thing about it is that it is not in Spanish. But if you are fluent in English, you will do great with it.

Giga, the simple, light, and fast assistant you need


Finally, we recommend the Gigaaa assistant, which is basic and simple, but very functional. It can be synchronized with a wide variety of devices in your home so that you can control them remotely using your voice. It also has the standard wizard functions like creating lists, setting reminders, taking notes, reading emails, playing music, and much more.

Giga is capable of doing Internet searches, keeping you informed with the latest news and weather forecasts, and searching for information on Wikipedia. Also, with this assistant, you can quickly find an address and even call a taxi. It is not fully optimized on Android, it must be said, but when it works well it fulfills its functions perfectly. You won’t miss the Google Assistant!

gigaaa – Personal AI Assistant

And that’s it! We hope you like these virtual assistants and make you forget about Google Assistant. By the way, we do not include Bixby in this list because it only works on Samsung mobiles. But it is undoubtedly one of the best assistants you can use if you have a Samsung, so give it a try too.

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