All hidden codes Netflix

All hidden codes Netflix

If you were a user Netflix Probably more than once the fact platform does not offer the ability to filter content according to its category and it included only the opportunity to explore different genres of TV shows and movies.

but What if a & # 39; was a way to get access to dozens of hidden TV shows and movies on Netflix? Even though users are not visible, Netflix includes the organization by category system by which search for content related to our interests, it becomes a much simpler process.

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How to use hidden codes Netflix

The basis of the system functions hidden codes. As well as explained in each code is associated with a different category and access to each of the categories, we see only the associated content. The method of use of these codes is simple:

  1. Open a browser on a mobile app or computer & # 39.
  2. In the search bar, enter the address “”
  3. Change the “X” URL to any of the codes corresponding to one of the categories.

And that’s all. We also offer to your attention a full list of hidden codes Netflix for access to the various categories. If you do not want to perform the above process manually, you can also touch directly to each of the codes and you will be redirected to the relevant category page.

All hidden codes Netflix

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