Agile Messenger
Agile Messenger

One of the most feature-rich IMclient, available for both smartphones on Symbian, and on Windows Mobile. The program works with six protocolsICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Google talk, AOL, XMPP, and in addition to text messaging allows you to share audio, video and pictures. In other utility features are standard – it’s full work with the contact list, other than the possibility of personalizing the interface, as well as additional features such as a traffic counter and pop-up notifications about incoming messages. you can buy thes awesome application from here


Features Agile Messenger:

  • Sending and receiving messages
  •  Supports Unicode and BIG5
  •  The screen is divided into two regions
  •  Separate tabs for each conversation
  •  History of the messaging
  •  Support for emoticons
  •  Automatically downloads and updates the contact list
  •  Information on the status of contacts
  •  Add, delete, rename contacts
  •  Traffic counter
  •  Automatic updates
  •  Send images built-in camera

Features that i like:- 

  • A pop-up window on top of all open applications, notification of a new message
  • Push-to-talk – click on the joystick, write a short voice message and send it to the other party. Depending on how it uses the client (Agile or other), it will come or a voice message, or just an audio file
  • The ability to send a newly created photo – the other party comes link to the server developer Agile, where the photo
  • Traffic-counter availability
  • Export stories in a separate file

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