Now even on modern cars, it is difficult to be satisfied with the music provided by a CD or the maps, perhaps not updated, of an onboard navigator.

We want our cars to be at least as smart as our phones or at least connect with them, allowing us to listen to music from our playlists, our favorite podcasts, and to enjoy browsing with updated maps and traffic monitoring.

Most modern cars are equipped with a radio with an integrated Bluetooth hands-free kit, thanks to which we can make calls or listen to music through the car radio by transmitting everything from your smartphone.
But if we are in a condition where our car radio is not equipped with a Bluetooth connection, we can solve the problem by following two ways:

we can add the Bluetooth connection to the car, or make a more drastic modification to change the entire on-board information and entertainment system with a more modern one with Bluetooth and built-in WiFi.
In this article, we will see in detail all the methods to add Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to a car.

Add Bluetooth on car

We have to talk mainly about two scenarios: many cars have the AUX port that simplifies things enough, allowing you to conveniently connect each device to the car speakers; others instead (and it is the second scenario) do not have one, having only an FM radio with CD player.

If the car has an AUX input

Bluetooth on the machine via AUX


If our car has a practical AUX input, adding Bluetooth can be really simple and cheap, just use convenient portable Bluetooth adapters. The portable Bluetooth adapter must be connected to the AUX input and powered.

It can be charged at time intervals, usually, they are equipped with an integrated battery that allows the device to operate for several hours, or we can charge it, via the supplied USB cable, with a common USB power supply connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

The market offers many valid Bluetooth AUX adapters (also called receivers), all very simple to use and, in the end, with similar behavior. Once connected, just take our smartphone, locate the new device and pair.

Once paired, all the audio of our phone will be sent to the audio system of the machine. Many models also have a convenient microphone, which makes them good solutions to equip our car with a comfortable speakerphone when making calls.

We recommend purchasing Bluetooth adapters on Amazon because these are compact and fragile devices, therefore it is better to take advantage of the guarantee of the famous online store to quickly remedy any malfunction (at least in the first two years after the purchase).

After this brief introduction, here are the best models of Bluetooth receivers that we have selected:

If the car does not have an AUX input

No need to despair, we can add Bluetooth to the car radio without aux with an alternative method: we can take advantage of our FM radio. There are many products, known as Bluetooth FM transmitters, which allow you to transmit the audio stream directly on an FM channel so that it can be reached from the car radio, like a normal radio channel.

bluetooth fm transmitters

FM Bluetooth transmitters are less common in Italy because there are no FM frequencies left free by law, as is the case for military purposes in other countries. So it is easier for the frequency used by our transmitter to be disturbed by some radio station that uses the same frequency.

Personally, to solve the frequency noise problem I simply removed the antenna of my car, I continue to take radio channels well enough and I no longer have disturbances in my station chosen for my transmitter.

As in the case of Bluetooth adapters, for the same reasons already indicated above, we always recommend purchasing on Amazon.

Here are the best car FM transmitter models we have selected:

Replace the car radio with a model with Bluetooth

We can also decide for a less conservative approach by removing the old car radio to make room for a new car radio compatible with Bluetooth and therefore much more practical to connect to our smartphone. Such models, if well installed, also allow you to keep comfortable controls behind the wheel.

On Amazon, there are many valid car radios, which allow a quick replacement and which offer support for AUX and Bluetooth.
Here are some models that we have selected for you:

Add WiFi to a car

Here the situation becomes much more complicated and expensive, to add WiFi to a car the only solution is to replace the old car radio with a new one intelligent infotainment system.

There are interesting car radios based on Android, which offer a screen of good proportions, normal access to apps, and support for WiFi connection.

You can decide whether to connect the device to the internet via the WiFi hotspot created with the phone, or some models support the possibility of having your own SIM to have your own internet connection and, if you wish, allow you to share the WiFi connection (such as hotspot) to the whole car.